February 13, 2011

Teals & Seagreens are Love!

I realise that it has been quite some time since I've last featured a colourful EOTD, and I thought it was high time that I do a look that is more fun and whimsical. Outside of my typical work-safe conservative looks.

My favorite coloured eyeshadows are teals and sea greens. They're super sexy and not as garish as blues eyeshadows on asian skin tones. The Barbie Loves Stila - All Doll'd up Palette has some beautiful buttery teals and greens that look fabulous together. 

1. A mossy green shadow all over the lids
2. A sea green eyeshadow by Stage called Waterfall on the midd part of my lids, just to give my lids a more seagreen dimension!
3. A gorgeous teal on the outer lash line
4. A silver grey to the inner corners of the eye

And lined with MAC fluid line in Blitz & Glitz and popped on some Ardel lashes in 109. I need a little more practice with fake lashes, obviously. 

Indoor natural light
Flash photography

Applied a peach blusher by Shu Uemura called M Peach 43. It's a matte shade that is soft and illuminates the skin. And finally MAC Angel lipstick and MAC lustreglass in Ensign to finish off the look. 

All the coloured makeup used today... 

Swatches with indoor natural light. 

I hope you have a great Sunday and I can't believe the weekend goes by so quickly! 


Sara.H said...

Such a Gorgeous look ^ ^ You look beautiful :)

feeyona said...

You look great! That's a really cute and fun look. I love teals and seagreens too, I think they suit Asian skintones really well. (: I always gravitate towards those shades/colours unconsciously!

Jess said...

The teals and seagreens look so good on you, Tracy! You definitely should wear bright colors more often!! It brightens up your complexion so nicely!

Tracy said...

Sara.H: Thank you, and so do you!

feeyona: Surprisingly colourful but very flattering on the any skin colour too!

Jess: Thanks! I've been under a makeup-rut for a while now. It's good to spruce things up now and then.

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