February 9, 2011

Product Review: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation

Last year I purchased the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation in Beige Clair 02, and you can see my initial product review here. I've been using this foundation for 3 weeks continuously now, and my initial impressions of this product has now changed. Previously, I was on the fence about it and I couldn't agree with Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog product rave. That said, I simply adore Holly's blog because she has some great tastes in makeup and she convinced me to try this foundation. 

So what has changed?

In terms of packaging, I already considered the bottle quite heavy. On second thoughts, it IS heavy. The advantage however is that the cap and the pump prevents any form of spillage. Learning from my incident with the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation bottle, I vow never to carry foundations with no pumps anywhere with me. It's just an accident bound to happen.

The Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation bottle is totally decadent, which completely emphasizes the 'prestige' that the brand wants to create. However, for some reason, I can't even see the amount of foundation that is left in the bottle, which is entirely surprising! Perhaps the bottle has internally painted with the foundation colour because I simply cannot see the line that demarcates the level of foundation used. Sunlight and bright lights with no avail!

This is where the product totally fails. There are 9 shades in the line, and my colour is Beige Clair 02, which is approximately MAC nc25 in shade. In the past, I have never really been perfectly matched to Guerlain foundations and it is probably expected that I wasn't able to find a perfect match in this foundation either. 

Let me explain through pictures...
I tested the colour at the back of my hand and if you notice there's a clear difference in the shade. It appears too 'pink' for my skin tone. I simply can't understand why a colour that appears so 'yellow' in the bottle could translate into a strange pinky undertone. Lesson learnt, never buy foundation without testing it on your face!

I concluded that I could still pull off this shade but I do think that ladies with a MAC NW skin tone will probably fare better in colour match. 

Texture and Finish
  And this is where the product gets star ratings. Marketed as an invisible skin-fusion foundation, it claims to be like lingerie on the skin. No, not the cotton granny underpants, but the silky indulgent La Perla lingerie. Why not? We're talking about your 'maquillage', ladies! Why not treat your face with silky smooth, almost invincible, 'lingerie'

Literally speaking, it does feel incredibly beautiful on the skin. It's almost like wearing no foundation. It applies smoothly on the skin, dries into a satiny matte finish. There is no difference in the texture to the skin between that free of foundation, and that of this foundation. Even with a thick layer, it dries up nicely too. And you can even completely skip loose powder as well!

Me without foundation:
Clean face and before foundation - yikes! 
After foundation!
After 1 layer of foundation
Close up

Any foundation is bound to oxidise on ladies with oily skin. That is a guarantee. No matter how many times you touch up with pressed powder during the day, there is a degree of oxidation expected. So how did I fare 9 hours later?

9 hours later
Now you can see the difference in terms of colour. Yes, there's some oxidation, but I don't look like a clown with a foundation line at 6pm. Thumbs up!

Oil Control
If you don't already know, I live on the most humid climate on the planet... Yes, Singapore is dreadfully humid. My oil glands simply love it. And they go hyper when they encounter moist weather. Alternating dry air conditioned office and humid weather is just a proven formula for oil gland overdrive. I blame it on the genes too. 

Here's how well the foundation fared in terms of oil control
Oily nose galore
No touch ups, no blotting... after 9 hours. I say that's pretty darn good. 

Lets see how much foundation is left on my nose...

There's still a little bit of foundation left and I suppose the rest slid off my nose and landed on my chin. Who knows!

 I think the foundation did pretty good after 9 hours of wear and my oiliness didn't stop me from looking my best at 6pm in the evening. 

From what I recall, the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau retails for SGD 85. Considering most foundations are priced at SGD70-90, I would consider it fairly pricey. However, you do pay for the texture and invincible finish to the skin. Unlike drugstore foundation that tends to cake up halfway through the day or slide right off your face, this foundation lasts me a good 9 hours of wear without touchups. The minus point would be the shades. The entire shade range veer towards the pinky tones and that is just a bummer for me! Overall it's a lovely foundation and I'm thoroughly impressed by its formulation.


Penelope said...

What a great thorough review! Thanks! I have this foundation too and really like it.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Great review! :) I always see Guerlain foundations at Sephora and they look lovely. Does it compare with Dior's Nude foundation? :P

Tracy said...

@Penelope: thanks! I wish the color matched me better.

@Rainy Days and Lattes: I haven't tried the Dior Nude Foundation and I have been tempted to try it. It gets mixed reviews though and I think that has stopped me from purchasing it.

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