February 26, 2011

Paul & Joe Parasol Spring 2011 Collection Release

Paul & Joe finally released the Parasol Spring 2011 Collection two days ago at Isetan Scotts. Today, I sneaked a mini preview of the collection at Takashimaya, attended by my favourite sales assistants - Mark, Bee Lian and Ruby. Unfortunately, I couldn't swatch any of the colours but they let me have a little play around. *grin* 

The entire collection is sizeable, compared to previous Paul & Joe releases. You have little trinkets of eyeshadow duos, lipsticks and nailpolishes. 

Out of the entire collection, I must say the lipsticks are stellar. Paul & Joe lipsticks are traditionally very moisturising, and has significantly improved my chapped lips. The packaging is inter-changeable so you can still keep the cardboard packaging in its prestine condition. 

However, if there is only one lipstick you must get, it would have to be 071, which looks like a raspberry pink colour. My immediate reaction is 'LOVE'. Mark and I were like little kids swooning over this colour. It's simply breathtaking. 

A pity that this collection was not released for Valentines day, because the packaging will fit the theme perfectly. 

There are 5 Eye Colour S - duo eyeshadows, with different pretty Spring colours. Mark suggested to apply a contrasting colour on the top and bottom lash line. The lime green and yellow shade looks like something I'll probably grab for. "Tracy, don't you already have enough lime green shadows?" 

And 3 Colour Powder S, which I presume you can use for the cheeks (070 and 071 shades)? They are priced at $49, and thus a little more pricey than the Eye Colour S. The formulation appears to be less shimmery and sparkly.

AND, there's more! 5 nailpolishes to please the office ladies. There's a lovely floral scent to Paul & Joe nailpolishes (not that I whiff it intentionally), which I can't put my finger on. But all I can say is that it's different to traditional nailpolish scents. 

 The soft shimmers and sparkle with these products can only be appreciated in person, so I suggest you take a trip down to Takashimaya to view the gorgeous-ness of this new release. I'm waiting for this collection to be officially released in Takashimaya from 1st March. 

 And finally, please do me a favour and visit Mark, Bee Lian and Ruby if you have any questions on this collection, because their customer service is impeccable! 

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