February 11, 2011

NARS Cadeques Multiple Tint for a Barely There Pink Cheek

Back when I had bad acne, I never dared touch cream blushes, in fear that it will aggravate my sensitive condition. After my Roaccutane experience my cheeks produces far less oil and I now love to experiment with cream/liquid-based cheek products because it brings that glow from within. Great products have great lasting power, which brings me to the Nars Multiple Tint in Cadeques.

Product and Packaging
As you probably already know, there's 3 shades in the line of multiple tints - Beverly Hills (a red), Turks & caicos (tangerine orange) and Cadeques (pink!). The formula is a solid jelly-like consistency, which applies smoothly like a cream, and dries into a stain finish. Unlike the Benefit Benetint, blending is alot easier with the multiple tints, because the formula doesn't dry as fast. However, you will notice that the product doesn't hold up too well in warmer weather, as the pigment starts to build up at the edge of the stick.

Packaging? Well, you've heard it all before. Nars rubbery packaging is a nightmare for germ-phobes. I wonder when they will ever change this.  

Colour and Intensity
Cadeques reminds me of strawberry ice popsicles we used to have as kids, because the colour is a lovely bright pink on the tube. On the cheeks, however, it transfers into a barely-there and subtle look. I suppose you can layer on the colour to increase the colour intensity but don't expect too much pigmentation from this line.

Under natural sunlight

After 10 minutes, it dries into a stain. Even 4 hours later, I can still see the stain on the back of my hands and that is after several times of hand washing. Even looking back at the pictures yesterday, the blush held strong 9 hours later.

After 10 minutes, it melts into the skin like a cheek stain

My only gripe about the product is the difficulty of application on your foundation-prepped face. It's great for ladies with amazing skin and who don't require any base makeup. But lets be practical here, foundation is such a necessity for most women nowadays. Applying the product straight from the stick leaves an obvious foundation streak on top of product. And not to mention that I just don't like my foundation being budged while I blend the blush into my cheeks. Continuing on the same train of thought, it will be a disaster on powder foundation.

I learnt that using my fingers was probably the best method but it requires several applications to bring out a hint of colour. I can't recall how many swipes I used but I can simply say, it took a little bit more effort.

Luckily the product doesn't build up in my pores.

I bought this at the Nars 20% Black Friday sale, which eases the pinch to my wallet. For USD 38, it's not something you would fork out easily. Nars powder blushes are priced at USD 27, which is a little easiler to swallow, and you can generally keep powder products for a lot longer. In retrospect, I agree that this is quite a splurge.

Then again, Nars would argue that the Multiples Tints can be applied to lips and eyes as well! Honestly, I tried this on my lips and there's hardly any colour to my already pigmented lips. I have not tried this on my lids. The idea of pinky lids doesn't appeal to me that much anyway.

And now you're probably wondering if I applied anything on my lips? Well, it's my YSL Gloss Pur in 04, which I continue to love. It matches the color of the Nars Cadeques Multiple Tint quite well, don't you think?

Overall First Thoughts
I think it's quite an innovative idea to put a cheekstain into a stick, and it's definitely an improvement from the Benefit Benetint cheek stains in terms of formula. However, I feel that it's quite a splurge for 15g of cream/liquid-based product. I like it but I don't love it. The color Cadeques is nice but it's not to die for either. In summary, I wouldn't recommend it because I generally prefer cream-based blushes over cheek stains.

Anyway, I hope you find this review helpful if you were even considering of purchasing this!


Lilladylife said...

lovely color!!! the gloss together seems like a great combo

Tracy said...

Liladylife: I love YSL pur glosses, they have a yummy watermelon scent. I wish the Nars multiple tint has a little more pigmentation so I can pop it on my lips.

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