February 10, 2011

Maquillage Moisture Rouge Lipstick by Alexander Wang

First of all, I have no idea who Alexander Wang is. But it doesn't really matter what the collaboration is, because the lipsticks from the Maquillage Moisture Rouge line is simply gorgeous. I forgot I had this lipstick hiding in my stash and Chinese New Year is such a perfect occasion to wear the red lip! So here it is, Maquillage Moisture Rouge Lipstick in RD564

This lipstick has a formula that is somewhere between a gloss and a sheer lipstain. It's not creamy at all and is the complete opposite to a MAC creamsheen or YSL Rouge Volupte where opacity is 100%! This lipstick is sheer and great for anyone who is a little shy to court the matte and defined red lip. I wasn't brave enough then but maybe I am now?

It ers on the pricey side of lipsticks, at SGD49, for 4G of product. Competing with the likes of Chanel at SGD 49, and Dior at SGD 46, Shiseido has confidently priced their lipsticks at a super premium price range. But I couldn't resist the shade and it was something I had to own! I would describe the shade a cool-toned sheer red that is universal on anyone, because the sheer formula allows your natural lip colour to come through.
I get about 4 hours of wear with this lipstick, and still have a residual red tint on my lips. Perfect! Sometimes a lip stain is all I really need when time is a priority. 

And you know whats best? 

I just need to pop this on with minimal eye makeup and I'm good to go! In less than a minute, I'm out the door and all I need to carry for the day is this red lipstick to apply on the go. No mirrors required and completely hassle free. 


Jess said...

This is a really pretty kind of strawberry red lippie! Have yet to find the perfect strawberry red lipstick for myself.

It looks beautiful on you, Tracy!

Tracy said...

Jess, thanks! I struggle with most red lipsticks, and I only seem to prefer Japanese reds where they're alot more glossy. I'll definitely be hunting more reds from now on!

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