February 25, 2011

Anna Sui's Bloggers Event - Spring 2011 Collection

I was invited to Anna Sui's Bloggers Event last night, organised in collaboration with P&G Prestige and SINKID Pte Ltd. As this is my first pre-release preview, I was of course delighted to be there. It was a simple but yet well-organised event, as we had make up artists in our midst, to express their views from a professional makeup artistry stand point. So it's interesting to see that Anna Sui is defining their 'customer' to include make up artists and everyday consumers into a single platform for discussion.

There's nothing better than to meet people who are just as passionate about makeup as you. I could jolly well be talking about makeup all day and not get bored of it. Amazing beauty bloggers such as Chantana from Everbluec, Iris from Rouge Deluxe, Sophia from The Makeup Blogette, Kas from Shine Shimmer and Sparkle were there.

Lawrence (Product Manager) walked us through the details of the products

Celebrity makeup artist closely scrutinising the functionality of the new products. Lovely lovely guy.
First impressions count alot right? When Lawrence revealed the new products in its prestine packaging, my immediate reaction was, 'holy, I love the packaging!'. Nothing that I have ever seened before and tastefully done to please the eyes and fingers. Although, the russian doll-like detail is similar to what Anna Sui has released before, the facial expressions on each mascara and lipstick is too adorable!

3 different formulations of mascara and 1 shade of lipstick all lined up to say 'Hello Camera!'

LOL! Very cute. I can't get over it.

It reminds of a little family of 4.

And there was food of course... but the makeup was simply the highlight.

Being a huge fan of pressed powder cases, my heart did summersaults seeing the new turquoise packaging. The beauty of Anna Sui packaging is that their compact case size is universal with alot of other brands.

Anna Sui sampled each blogger generously with a bag of goodies, which brings me to the next point. All these products are provided to me by PR. I will be doing reviews of these products but I intend to keep my opinions unbiased, i.e what I like, not like, and all from my own views.

The base makeup will be released on the 1st March, and point makeup sometime in April.

Anna Sui will be releasing pretty packaging sets that ties in with Mothers Day.

Powder comes out through delicate incisions

Anna Sui Loose Powder Compact Set LE, with Loose Compact Powder UV and a Beauty Mirror

Anna Sui Foundation Case Set with a Protective Foundation Primer L (stands for long-lasting).

Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder in Translucent 001

Anna Sui Protective Primer C (stands for Clarity), and meant to give radiance and glow with oil-absorbing properties. And if you follow my blog, I'm huge on primers, so this is the first product I sampled today and I will be doing a review of this shortly. It comes in a platinum purple shade, to give your skin illuminance.

So stay tuned for more product reviews coming up!


Penelope said...

Oh my, the products and packaging are so cute!! Looks like you had a great time.

kylieprice said...

Great blog!! you should start many more. i love all the info provided. i will stay tuned :)

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