January 22, 2011

My Chanel Collection

I'm giving myself a break from blogging on yoga for once. :o) 

Sharing with you my obsession with all things pretty and lux... Chanel.

I think I have a fairly sizeable Chanel collection, most of which I have accumulated last year. Shocking, huh? I just can't resist all the pretty colours, especially the Rouge Cocos. They are one of the best lipsticks on the market and I prefer them over YSL Voluptes. 

Rouge Cocos have a bit of a frosty finish, but it doesn't accentuate your dry lips. It's best if you apply some chapstick before hand. I like that Chanel is continuing to release lovely shades from the Rouge Coco line, seeing all the alluring Spring 2011 collection. Of my Rouge Cocos, my favourite would be the shade in Chintz released last fall. 

This is how much space Chanel is taking up in my lipstick drawer. The C embossment is simply stunning and just makes my material heart swoon.

I love their glossimers too. When it comes to using glosses, I have a strict rule to try and finish one each time. It's a good and bad thing I suppose. Good in that it's fresh and lasts longer. But bad that you never realise how much beautiful things you have in your collection. 

I'm not as crazy about Chanel blushes but they're impart a gorgeous glow to the skin. I love each and every one of their blushes but I seem to exercise better restraint from blushes than lippies in general.

Chanel Tweed Corail Blush is by far my most used and reached for blush in my collection. It's the perfect peach blush and doesn't give too much shimmer or look flat on the cheeks. I would recommend it to anyone!

Joues Contraste blushes remind me of globes and planets. It's so pretty to look at and is simply stunning on the cheeks. Reflex is a color that is slightly more pigmented, but it's THE color for slightly tanned complexions. 

Pink Explosion is pure ecstasy. It's a cool toned pink that can be built up to create Japanese doll-like cheeks, or toned down for a natural flushy skin. Great on fair complexions. 

And lastly, my signature scent. It's been with me for the whole of last year and reminds me that I am beautiful all day and everyday.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


Lilladylife said...

you have a lustful collection! i only have 1 lipstick! thanks for sharing! i loved the pics!

Penelope said...

wow, great collection! I like the look of pink explosion, so pretty.

Emma said...

Oh how much I love rouge coco lipsticks!!! Hands down...my favorite lipsticks ever!!! Nice post :) Maybe you can do swatches of them some time as well~

Cherry Wu said...

OH, what a lovely collection. I have never tried chanel lipglosses, got to try it now^0^~

Tracy said...

@Lilladylife: Thanks! I have a terrible obsession of collecting lipsticks when I have a fetish over the formula

@Penelope: Pink Explosion is a universal pink blush for anyone. Totally gorg!

@Emma: I will do swatches :) Maybe sometime this week!

@Cherry Wu: Gotta love em glossimers. They have a beautiful range and its so hard to pass up each time they release a new collection.

archi said...

i am also a chanel fan and your collection is so tempting:)

Tracy said...

@archi: Thank you and it's continously growing!

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