December 27, 2010

MoroccanOil - why your hair will love this

In my last hair care overview post, I failed to mention MoroccanOil an oil treatment for all hair types. I received this as a gift from my sister, who purchased this from Australia. I have never heard of this product before, and only did she educate me that MoroccanOil has won the Allure's Best Beauty Awards, did I realise that I was missing out. 

Her hair looked better than ever. And she swears by it. She applies 3-4 pumps of this daily to her dry ends that has also been digitally permed. She probably applies a bit too much, cos her bottle finishes in 3 months easily. It doesn't come cheap. Psst... buy this from, they have a 30% coupon happening right now. 

The product has a distinctive scent, almost nutty and nature-like. Upon application to my damp hair, the product soaks in so easily. My hair is not weighed down and doesn't look greasy at all. Even better, it eliminates any frizz to my damaged ends and makes my hair alot more healthier than it is. Surprisingly, my hands didn't feel greasy after smoothing the oil on my ends. 

It claims to provide long term conditioning. Judging by my sister's luscious locks, I think this product is in fact the next best thing in treating damaged and over-processed hair. It's no wonder it's a celebrity favorite. 


Diane said...

ahh i've always wanted to try moroccan oil out! thanks for that website! :)

Lilladylife said...

i got to try this! everyone is talking abt it!

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