December 27, 2010

Biotherm Skincare Haul - Aquasource Skin Perfection

I needed new skincare. Biotherm was doing a special with the christmas packs, and it took them 3 weeks to get it to me!!! When I did receive my little goodie pack, I was pleased. Extremely pleased. Retail addicts love it when we get free GWPs. 

GWP galore!!!! Can you imagine my delight when I saw the extras? :) ~

I've always walked past Biotherm and head straight to Chanel, Dior or Shu Uemura. But I've started to realise that the more 'expensive' skincare is not really giving the results I'm looking for. My skin was still looking dull and dehydrated. I realise that my skin has only started to look sullen ever since I started my intense travel schedule in October.  

The first product is the Biotherm Skin Perfection Catalyzing Serum. 

I've been using the serum for about 2 weeks now. I did notice that the texture is more creamy than a typical gel-serum and feels 'greasy'-ish upon the first few minutes of application. But after about 10 minutes, the feeling disappears. My skin is surprisingly more hydrated. I'm not sure if it's the serum or the moisturiser, but either way it's working. Used once-daily treatment but I apply this day and night. 

Ok... this is where I'm going to rant. Why do Biotherm make their bottles and jars so heavy? I hate that beauty companies waste so much of their product spend on wasteful packaging. Is it really necessary?

So with the GWP, I got 2 major deluxe sized products from the Skin Perfection line; 
1. a 50mL hydra-perfecting cleanser 
2. a 125mL hydra-perfecting lotion  
3. a 4-mL 360 degree Hydra Massager Eye Cream

All this for S$90, basically the cost of the moisturiser. 

And because Biotherm took forever to get their deliveries to me. I received 2 additional GWPs... 
3. a 75mL gentle exfoliating milk - Lait de Gommage
4. a 75mL cleansing shower milk - Lait de Douche

Leaving the best for last, the Aqua Source Skin Perfection 24h moisturiser does live to its 24h hydration claim. My skin feels plumper and pores look smaller. It doesn't clog or sting or cause any bumps (often due to excessive creams). The only gripe is the heavy fragrance. To some it may smell quite 'soothing' like a refreshed feeling. But I find that the scent isn't necessary since added fragrances are often for an aesthetic purposes. This is according to pharmacy texts I learnt eons ago that added fragrances enhances the 'behaviour' and 'feel good' factor. 

The claim is that this moisturiser offers a 'miracle' product to the skin, also known as the concentrate that is equivalent to 5000 liters of thermal spring water. By now, you will know that I am a skincare skeptic. Honestly, I find this claim over marketed. It does feel cooling upon application and that is because the 1st ingredient is 'aqua', and following by 'alcohol denat'. AND... it's in a glass jar container that keeps the product feeling cool. I will really like to find that name of this compound to prove that it's truly equivalent to 5000 liters of thermal spring water. Haha! Skeptic, I am. 

But that said, my skin likes it. I will continue to use it, even challenge it when I'm in the harsh winter conditions in Copenhagen. 

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