December 1, 2010

November Collective Haul - boots, uggs, makeup, clothes

Wow! I've been really slack with my blog. haha. My bad. Parents were in town, sister's started her first job here, I'm running 2 jobs and managing my relocation slowly but surely. I just came back from Australia last week although I'm feeling quite flat and exhausted. I did do some shopping here and there, so I'm really excited to show you my fantastic finds!

Denmark is already snowing in November, and the word is that it's going to be a pretty hard winter. So I picked up some boots, to keep my feet happy. Although the relocation is going quite slow, the plan is that I will be traveling to Denmark during the coldest time of the year. 

Something for the wet season...

J Shoes - Sold at Isetan Scotts. It feels like great quality leather and tough enough to resist the snow, ice and water. I know it's probably best to get boots in Denmark, but I couldn't resist. I am turned off with the 25% additional VAT I need to pay on top of high European prices. 

The openings are large enough to fit your jeans in. 

And hardware buckles to adjust the size of the openings too. 

Ugg boots are all the rave, although probably not so much in Australia. It's a favourite for university students, because they're easy to slip on. However, when you have too much of something you just don't appreciate it as much. The Europeans love it and the Australians are just over it. I bought 2 pairs. 

Chanced upon a quint shop at Flinders Street Station called Urban Ugg. There's alot of Ugg variations and Ugg companies, with the famous one called 'UGG' (as in you-gee-gee). It's a lot more expensive and the wool is just about the same in quality. My suggestion is to explore the different Ugg companies, and go with a style you like. Urban Ugg ships internationally -

My feet are sized 39, which I presume to be around an 8-9 depending on the cut. Ugg boots however tend to loosen up with wear so going with the smaller cut is probably best. 

The Brightons with 3 cute little buttons and wool detailing. 

The softness of the wool is absolutely sensational. Buying wool in store is an advantage cos there are different textures to each pair of shoes. I suppose no sheep is the same.  

And these are the classic black Uggs, which will match any jeans. 

Again, my sizing is an 8 for all the boots. 

Lined with black wool. 

Beauty buys. I've been very selective in what I buy for the Christmas season. There are alot of tempting offers (such as the Dior sale, which I sadly missed) and lovely collections. However, I took the opportunity to buy some of my most wanted items this month:

Guerlain meteorites in the new packaging - yay!

Urban Decay NYC Book of Shadows 

Lancome and Guerlain skincare

Moroccan Oil from my sister. :) Thanks sis! 

Ella Bache to get a nice bronze tan. 

Lancome Genifique Youth Activator Serum - a present from a friend. :) I love the eyecream so I hope this will be just as good. 

Guerlain Meteorites from the Christmas collection (don't know what it's called though) - It's called Perles D'or, and has been released in Tangs Orchard. There are 4 different shaded rose-scented balls, that illicits the most beautiful glow. I've used this a number of times and I LOVE it. 

Embossing the Guerlain mascot, the bee. I love Guerlain meteorites, and I'm actually liking the metal casing alot more than the paperbased original casing. It's just alot more versatile and portable for travel. 

I also bought the regular Meteorites in Teint Rose, which is a similar version to Mythic. I haven't used this yet but it's meant to slightly different to the Perles D'or, in that it creates a more fairer complexion. 

There are 5 different shaded balls that serve different purposes in correcting any sallowness, dullness etc.  

I'm not a big fan of this design of a flower. I'm not even sure why.  

St. Tropez mousse has been on my mind for a very long time. I just never got around to buying it and unfortunately it's not available in Singapore. I used the opportunity to purchase this from Australia, but was convinced by a SA from Ella Bache that hers is better! Indeed, I decided to purchase the Ella Bache alternative Great Moussetan instead. Hopefully it will not turn out orange or streaky. 

The Urban Decay NYC palette was released about a month back at Sephora Ion. The UD Sales Director as usual was there to demonstrate a makeup look from this palette. I didn't like that we as customers had to wait to purchase a palette. I didn't have to hear him talk about the other 'so called amazing' products from Urban Decay. Too much of a sales pitch.  

I haven't used this palette yet, but the colours are really lovely. Really intense and will suit a more dramatic bold eye. 

I also snagged the most gorgeous Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick from duty free. Here it is PK 316. 

On my lips

And finally some sweaters... The one below is from TopShop, and they're having 20% off on some sweaters. 

And this one is from Zara. I love the flower detailing. 

Anyway, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my collective haul. I really look forward to seeing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases. :)


Sara.H said...

Lovely Haul :) I love the palette and the lipstick you bought ^ ^

Cherry Lover said...

I've been wanting to get a pair of uggs too if not of my mixed feelings. Loving the sweaters, especially the lovely floral one!

Cherry Wu said...

Wow, great haul. The Guerlain meteorites does look really cute!^0^
And you got 2 pairs of UGGs? Man, I really wanted a pair but they are just too expensive, so I finally resisted, haha, enjoy, they look super warm even in pictures~

Vonvon said...

Hi Tracy,

You have been traveling a lot, and you are moving to Denmark? For work, I presume.

I saw that Topshop sweater too, and was hesitating, but didn't get it in the end. I like the J Shoes boots. Have been looking for a pair of boots with low heels...nice!

Happy New Year, Tracy!

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