October 7, 2010

Staples of a Busy Work Month

In the last month, my work life has gone on a crazy rollercoaster. From interviews, meetings, weddings, and to 4 weeks of weekly travels. This is a 'glamorous' life of a corporate whore (not). I start my intense travel schedule again next week from Beijing to Kota Kinabalu to Melbourne and finally to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). As usual, there's a lot of preparation work that goes into each trip so the weeks leading to my travels usually involves late nights and early mornings.

The looks I've been reaching out more for the recent months have been more of a taupe and a variation of peach or pink cheeks. I find that coloured eyeshadow only works best when I have a little more freedom at work. It doesn't work too well in a conservative work environment. I do go a little crazy with the colors sometimes, but nothing that will make my 50 year old boss stop at his tracks to stare at my eyeshadow. I can already imagine him doing that! 

Seriously, I have no idea where I misplaced my Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. The BB concealer is seriously creamy and pigmented. Instead, I have been using the Diorskin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer in Beige 002 and it's fairly good! It doesn't apply on cakey and has mineral properties that doesn't clog your pores. I have noticed that some concealers start to melt off and leaves your face with obvious patches. Not attractive especially in this country where you sweat in minutes when stepping out into the sun. 

The con however is that it doesn't seem to cover your pigmented blemishes as well as the Bobbi Brown concealer. 

Prior to concealer. 
One layer of Diorskin Nude Concealer
Additional layer of Diorskin Nude Concealer
So as you can see it doesn't really cover the blemishes as well as other concealers but I do like that its not cakey and has some skincare properties. Whether or not it really 'hydrates' is still debatable. 

With a little bit of blush on (MUFE HD Blush #7). Gosh excuse my hair, I am too lazy to do it up for this post. :p

Remember how Chanel Mystic Eyes Quad got everyone really excited? Well, I think I might have found a work-suitable dupe; Guerlain 4 Shades Bal De Minuit 407. I wouldn't call it a cheaper dupe, but it's certainly a much more flattering dupe if glitter is not your fan. I don't own Chanel Mystic Eyes to compare, but it's really close! In fact, Chanel eyeshadows (round panned) can come off quite chalky. It's often a hit or miss. Guerlain eyeshadows are soft and pigmented in comparison. I can easily say that I've been using this quad for several days in a row and probably the rest of the month!

This specific eyeshadow is called Bal De Minuit 407 from the 2009 Christmas collection. haha! yes, this is a very very late review. But the whole point is that sometimes you really do have shades in your collection that matches what these companies are releasing quarter by quarter. 

My favorite lipstick of the month... Chanel Rouge Coco in Chintz. 

All the products pulled into one single work friendly look. 

I know plenty of beauty addicts are hauling the MAC Venomous Villains Collection this week, but I'm giving it a miss. I just don't fancy cartoon packaging as much as I used to. I rather go for quality products, which I know I will be using consistently and can be paired with any look. But I have been collectively purchasing little bibs and bobs here and there which I will post in a separate post. 

I hope you are all doing well. :)

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Café Bellini said...

The eyeshadow colours suit you so well! Perfect for every day / work, I agree! I'm skipping the venous villains collection as well, I'm not keen on the packaging. I'm more into NARS and Chanel at the moment; I have too much MAC already because I used to work there!

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