October 25, 2010

A MAC Tartan Tale Vain & Glorious Lip Bag

Half of MAC's Tartan Tale Collection was released last week in Singapore, which is a little too early for christmas shopping in my opinion. By the time I reached the shops, there were plenty of everything, which either meant that the collection had no hype or ladies were broke from the recent Venomous Villains purchases. 

I was drawn to the pouches with the Scottish checkered print and I couldn't stop thinking about it for two days in a row. There are 2 sets of lip bags, one in pink and the other in orange/brown. I picked the pink lip bag called Vain & Glorious Lip Bag at Isetan for $70, which is fairly expensive considering that a lipstick and dazzleglass only costs $66. MAC charged me an additional $4 for a lip pencil. :( 

I'm not sure whether I'm happy with the 'value' that I got from this set, but I'm really happy with the quality of the pouch. 

Pretty box!
Inside, you get 3 lip products; 
- Mellow Mood Lustre Lipstick (a warm based rosey pink with gold microshimmer)
- Baby Sparks Dazzleglass (pink gloss with violet shimmers)
- In Synch Lip Liner (a light pink) 

The highlight of the purchase has got to be the pouch. This year, the pouches are made of high quality, with a combination of canvas and patent leather fabrics compared to the previous nylon fabric that did nothing to protect your brushes from liquid spills.  Previous MAC bags reminded me too much of Chinese made goods. Not that all Chinese made goods are bad quality, but you can tell that MAC did not order quality fringe products from their 3rd party suppliers. 

This lip pouch has square dimensions, measuring 5 x 5 inches, and has a golden zipper that glides smoothly. I tried fitting about 20 different lipsticks and 1 MAC dazzleglass last night and it all fits nice and snug. On top sits a Golden MAC emblem that is quite university-ish looking that adds to the touch of Scottish flare. 

The products are labelled with a golden print, from the stickers MAC tube etc. 

Although the lipstick looks dark on tube, it looks lighter when swatched on the lips and hands. 

I have really dry flakey lips, and so I used the Lush Bubble Gum lipscrub to remove the dead skin cells. But please excuse the bits of lipscrub that refuse to come off my chin (unless I licked them off or washed my face again leaving me with no choice but to look like a grotty kid). Yes, the Lush Bubble Gum Lipscrub is quite yummy and sweet in fact! So believe me, it's not my breakfast sitting on my chin. :P

Bare Lips
 I was honestly quite impressed with the MAC lip pencil. It applied on smoothly and has a matte finish. I will probably be purchasing a full size red lip liner from MAC in the near future to aid in my perfect rouge lip. :)

Lined my lips with In Synch Lip Pencil 

Coloured in the whole lip with In Synch Lip Pencil
 Typically, I never use lip pencil to color in my lip. But it helps to lighten up darker natural lip colors and intensify the color of the lipstick. I believe Mellow Mood when applied directly on bare lips will have a darker color to the picture below, naturally, as it is a lustre finish. 

Applied MAC Mellow Mood lipstick on top
 Baby Sparks Dazzleglass tends to feel quite gloopy on the lips when you've already layered 2 coats of lip products. Basically, it feels like wall paint on your lips.  

Adding Baby Sparks Dazzleglass
So I toned it down by blotting my lips with a clean Kleenex tissue. And yes, my lips now look much better with the soft violet microshimmers from MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass on top of a warm pink sheer lipstick.  

On my eyes, I am using a combination of 3 products...

On my cheeks, I am using MAC Hang Loose Mineralize Blush (my new LOVE!)

Will you be getting anything from the MAC Holiday Collection?


Sara.H said...

This is so natural. The lip color is lovely :)
I am following you now. Hope you stop by and visit my blog too ^_^

Sandy said...

lovely haul. im thinking to purchase this and the other one, dazzle the lads lip bag. can i ask how sheer the lipstick is?
$70 SGD is expensive... i wont be surprised if its close to $100 AUD here haha -_-

rachael davari said...

Absolutely beautiful! You're so pretty :)

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