September 9, 2010

A Paul & Joe and RMK Haul

Yesterday Isetan had their usual 10% sale with an additional 5% for HSBC card holders. Isetan holds sales like these a few times a year, so to me I wouldn't lose sleep just to line up at 8:30AM. But they had cut coupon deals where a clothes iron was selling at $39 (instead of $69). Hell yeah! $30 dollars saving to get a new clothes iron, why not?! Well, I needed to buy a new iron as my current one is slow as a mofo and it takes me 15 minutes to iron a single shirt.

I was handed a little detailer at the door... and it showed me this amazing deal from P&J below! Who could resist. $88 for all 3 things. I'm on it. Like a fat kid on a smartie. 

I broke my makeup diet.

I just had to get this retarded looking cat. One of my colleagues has already snagged one of them up, being a cat lover and all. I'm not a big fan cats but  I was a big fan of the swan packaging. Honestly, I thought I could resist the hype. I'm already doing pretty well in the fronts of all the Lunasol Aurora Purification Collection hype. 

And as any Paul & Joe seasoned makeup addict would know, you can take out the tube of lipstick and replace it with another P&J lipstick. It's a nice add-on feature if you're the type to keep your paper-based lipstick containers in pristine condition.

I suppose I will be applying this weird-but-statement-lipstick in the office, at the bar, bus... Not quite the Chanel sophisticated look but quite chic, I think!? 

This color is 067 in the Lipstick C formulation - slightly sheerer than the regular Lipstick N range. 


Paul & joe Face & Eye Color CS 069

I definitely didn't buy into the whole 'you can apply this as a cheek color!' It applies frosty and it's not suitable for the office. But heck it, I like the packaging. I will try to make this work. 

I've really been into cheeks lately. I get the thrill and jolt of happiness when I buy a new blush. I found the best deal of my life when I saw RMK blushes with a $17 off original price. 

RMK is freakishly expensive. At $65 per pop, it's more expensive than Chanel. Compared to Shu Uemura Blushes that cost $42, I would suggest you give RMK a miss UNLESS a good deal like this happens. The texture and feel of the jelly cheeks are so soft, but powdery to the touch. I bought one in Apricot, and will be testing it out in the next few weeks to see if I will get anymore in the future.

Left - RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks P-06 Holographic Light Pink, Right - RMK Ingenious Jelly Cheeks JE-02 Apricot.

I promise I will do more posts in the future. I've been ridiculously busy at work and this weekend I'll be walking 18 holes at the Handa Classic @ Orchid Country Club. I'm so excited cos I'll be seeing my friends on the course.

Keep smiling, sunshines :)

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Emma said...

I love your blog! We are both beauty lovers!Check out mine if you are fighting pimples too!

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