September 6, 2010

An undeclared wishlist

September is here. Gosh. I can't remember where time has flown. In my last post, I mentioned that I was slogging 12-hour workdays (including the weekends). And followed by intense business reviews, late dinners, and supermarket sushi for 14 days. It's no wonder my motivation for blogging was reduced to zero the last few weeks. The last two days were spent recuperating and eating fried-yummy-guilty food!
Fried chicken wings and satays at Sentosa

A casual day with the girls was spent overlooking the golf course. It was incredibly hot and humid at noon, but catching up over lunch was the best thing I've done myself in a very long time. It seems that I never have time for myself lately, and I've been drowning myself in the routines of life.

Excuse my daggy looking self. I just couldn't be f-ed to look my best on a hot day. Alot of things have been happening at work. My 2 best colleagues have quit from work after being under pressure for too long and my project being temporarily put on hold until a final decision is made by the senior management.

It means that I'm now incredibly bored at work, that I have time to be looking at websites and catching up on blogs to see what's new and happening in the bloggers sphere.

Not to mention it has stirred up some serious lemmings.

I remember telling one of my best friends that I'm going to restrict my spending to no more than 10 makeup items from now till the end of the year. Is that possible? It doesn't seem like it especially MAC already occupying 5 slots in that list. Perhaps I should extend that list to 20 instead! I've stopped shopping from August till now, and I'm starting to feel a little deprived. I can confess that I'm already drowning in alot of makeup, that the amount of eyeshadow can last me for a decade. But it still doesn't stop me from buying new limited edition palettes.

*gives a big pat on the back* I've been good. I haven't spent a single dollar on retail therapy. Even better, I've finished 3 lip products and going strong with an undeclared project 10-pan. But the mere fact that I'm a on makeup-diet has made my 'need' for new makeup items even stronger!!

I need to exercise better self-control.

ONE. No surprise, first in the list is Urban Decay Naked Palette. Girls, please reserve one palette when it's released in Singapore, ok? I will love u forever. But I'll be disappointed forever if I can't get my hands on this.

TWO. Chanel Extrait de Gloss in Insolence #57. This collection was just released in Singapore last week and the texture of the lipgloss is beautifully opaque and creamy. It reminds me of my YSL pur glosses which I continue to love to date.

THREE. Giorgio Armani Lasting UV Liquid Foundation. My curiousity for foundations never end. This foundation has been in my mind forever. It's time that I satisfy my cravings once my current foundation is finished.

FOUR. Lunasol Fall 2010 Collection (Aurora Purification) in #5

FIVE. MAC Venomous Villains Collection. I foresee that I will be buying quite a few of their lippies and beauty powders. By now you would have known that I love my MAC special packaging.

SIX. NARS Rajasthan Eyeshadow Duo.

That concludes my Wishlist for September 2010. Lets see if I can exercise restraint for the next few weeks, and I can officially declare that I have been makeup free for 2 months! Whoopie!

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Café Bellini said...

Did you manage to get your hands on the rajasthan duo? I have it (and a back-up!), it is simply gorgeous! See here

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