September 19, 2010

FOTD Featuring Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color 069 CS

I picked up the Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color CS from the Isetan sales two weeks back. Curiosity got the better of me and I ended up hauling this along with the Paul & Joe Lipstick in C in 67, all part of the latest collection from Paul & Joe, Claire De Lune. Today I'm doing a simple daytime look featuring the eyeshadow palette.

With an assortment of 5 different colours, you can use the darker shades for the eyes to create a daytime smokey purple eye and the pink gold shade as a blusher. 

A palm size carry all palette perfect for travel, with an elastic band to secure the lid in place. A personal touch, just like how diaries are made.

Priced at SGD 49, and weighs 7.7g

First up, prime your eyes with a skin toned base. Here I am using Paul & Joe Eye Color Primer in 02. It helps to even out any discolorations and the eyeshadows will show better as well.

Placing the lightest shade on the inner corners up to the middle eyelid.

With the same brush, pick up the lilac shade and pat it on to the middle to outer corners of your eye. Watch out, there's quite a bit of glitter fall out, so patting the eyeshadow is preferred over swiping it on.

Using a pencil brush, pick up the dark blue shade and place it on the outer corners of the eye.

Using a fluffy brush, pick up the gold shade to highlight and blend harsh lines.

Some shots prior to mascara. Notice how glittery and shimmery this is under lights. It is quite subtle otherwise under natural sunlight.

Otherwise quite subtle under natural day light. 

Using a blush brush (preferably with a smaller head to get the pink and gold shades precisely), apply directly on the cheeks. Here I am using Shu Uemura 20 Brush.

The pink shows softly on the cheeks, whilst the gold creates a glow from the side. I'm surprised at how well the pink and gold wears on me.

Under natural light

Experimenting with different lightings...

So here it is. My FOTD with the Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color 069.

I hope you enjoyed it!


Cherry said...

I like how it comes with a thing to secure the lid, haha, so smart!^0^ Love the packaging of P&J a lot~ enjoy your new goodies!
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PinkyKathy said...

I like the palette !! its color is very sweet and feminine.

Lisamarie and Christelle said...

Love the packaging, I wish we still had Paul & Joe in Canada!

Best, Lisamarie

Tracy said...

@Cherry: Subscribed to your blog! thanks :)

@PinkyKathy: I love it as well, been wearing it in consecutive days now.

@Lisamari and Christelle: It's unfortunate that we don't have many of the great beauty brands you guys have there in Canada. But I'm open to do a swap/CP for anything that sparks your interest.

jv said...

I just posted a comment but it doesn't look like it registered- so here I go again.

What a charming blog and you are so darling!

I still haven't tried Paul and Joe- I don't know what I'm waiting for- lol. That palette is stunning!


Vonvon said...

That's a lovely palette!!!! Like it so much!!!!

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