August 9, 2010

Singapore National Day and my Chanel Fall 2010 Haul

First up, happy 45th birthday to Singapore! Thanks for the extra-one-day weekend that I so desperately needed. I have been sleeping 10-hr nights and spending quality time with my little cousin-niece and my boyfriend. My boss even wanted me to do some work this weekend but that's so not important (hey! work-life balance buddy). 

I wanted to do a weekend FOTD today but I accidentally deleted most of my pictures except two! 

 I even managed to sneak in some purchases and a blog post to show you what I bought from the recent Chanel fall collection that was released in Singapore a few weeks back. Chanel blushes and lippies are really up my alley and I couldn't resist in getting a few items from the shops. 

This collection is by far the best Chanel has ever released. I had to restrict myself to only 3 things. There were just too many lovely things from this collection and I could have spent a bomb. 

Rouge Coco in Chintz

The most pigmented lipgloss of the bunch - Chanel Glossimer in Pink Teaser

And the most long awaited blush - Chanel Joues Contraste in Pink Explosion 

I can't wait to use this!

and finally, a tube of the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I've used tubes and tubes of this back in my early twenties. It's great for boosting radiance to the skin for late nights, sleepless nights etc. According to my Singapore Airlines friends, the Beauty Flash Balm has a cult-following and is a must-have with air crew. 

I hope you had a great weekend!


mandy said...

The blush looks amazing! Is it LE?
Hmm the beauty flash balm sounds great for me, I'm becoming a night owl LOL I wonder if it's good for oily/combo skin..

Jess said...

Love love love your Chanel haul, Tracy!
Everything you got looks so beautiful! Ahh, I'm so tempted to get the Glossimer and blush now, hehe...

Looking forward to your FOTD with these products! ;)

Tracy said...

@mandy: yes, it's LE unfortunately. I will be doing a review on the beauty flash balm and I'll see if my oil patterns change with it.

@Jess: Thanks! Oh you must get this collection before it sells out! I couldn't believe the Bikini Peach was sold out from the last collection.

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