August 15, 2010

RMK Creamy Makeup Base Mat and Chanel Teint Innocence Compact Foundation

For any starting wine lover, The Wine Company @ Dempsey Hill offers a delectable selection of wines for affordable prices. The bf and I headed to The Wine Company on Friday night for one too many glasses. I find that as I get 'older', I'm not into clubs and rowdy places. The noisiest place I would go nowadays would be No.5 at Emerald Hill for after work drinks on a Friday. No.5 has a great atmosphere  on Fridays, I think because of the 1-for-1 martinis. Hehe!

Chilling out is my new favorite past time (after a hard day of work).

Amongst the vast array of wines to choose from, we opted for Balden 2008 (New Zealand), which had a woody cherry taste. I'm not a wine connoisseur by any means, but I think I'm starting to appreciate the difference in wine quality. Unfortunately, the wine bar didn't use a decanter to aerate the wine (not that I really care). A decanter gives a slight difference in the taste but for the beginner, anything goes!

So, I digress. 

I was meant to write some short reviews on base makeup items. Is it just me, but do you often feel quite bored writing about makeup all the time? :P

The first product I want to review today is the RMK Creamy Makeup Base Mat. I remember getting this in Hong Kong last year, and the lady suggested I needed a primer to control my excessive oil buildup. I was recommended the neutral shade in 02. 

It comes out as a very yellowish primer and has a slight powdery scent. A small half-coin size is enough to cover the face. This tube alone has lasted me for months and months! Because of its light container, I often bring this along in my makeup travel bag. 

The product spreads easily but the interesting thing is that the product breaks up into silicony granules, which quickly spreads over your skin. It leaves no 'residue' on your skin, instead it seems to diffuse to a transparent colour. Honestly, it's not an amazing primer, but it's decent. It seems to add on a thin canvas especially if you have huge-ass pores like me. BUT, it definitely does nothing to hinder my oilies. Go figure! Sometimes you just can't trust the makeup sales assistants!

I've done a makeup review on the Chanel Teint Innocence Creme Universel Compact Foundation before on Youtube, but here are some close up pictures of its coverage. 

I used a Shu Uemura Foundation Brush to apply this foundation which gives me better control and finish. The refillable compact comes with a separate closure to help seal the moisture in the cream foundation. The actual packaging functionality is superb, being Chanel. 

I have the foundation in the shade 10 Albatre, which looks very yellow on my skin but after the cream is blended out, it's the perfect shade for me. 

After blending, you can see that it covers any blemishes or unevenness pretty nicely. But because I have large pores on my cheek as a result of my acne, some of the product sinks into some of my larger pores. This is a common problem I have with all foundations. Sometimes a primer does helps to create a smoother canvas for foundation application and so I find the RMK Creamy Makeup Base suitable for this base makeup combination.  

Overall, I love the look I can achieve with this cream foundation. The coverage is medium to heavy, and imparts a lovely illuminating glow. It has not caused me to breakout or itch. However, the downside is that it has a strong perfume scent that seems to only disappear after an hour or so. And it does take some practice and the right tools to blend the foundation evenly. I'll end up a streaky mess if I were to use my fingers or sponge. 

Overall, I would recommend this foundation for nights where you want more coverage. I say 'nights', because I had the issue of an oily t-zone in a few hours, and the combination of sweat & humidity leaves my face with obvious splotches of foundation. Its definitely not a pretty sight!

I hope you found this review helpful. I'm off to India again tomorrow night so I will be MIA on my blog till I get back to Singapore. I'll try to show you the amazing Indian food I get on my trip to Chennai. 

Till then, have a great week!


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Really useful review :) Compact foundation can be hard to use, especially if you're used to applying foundation with your fingertips. The Chanel one looks so luxurious. The packaging looks sharp :)

I love wine. Living so close to wine country (Napa & Sonoma) in California, I am always surrounded by it so often that I've come to appreciate the wines and where they come from. I hope you find one you really like :)

Cherry said...

Hey there! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I have never tried a Chanel base makeup yet. Now I am interested in trying them, haha^0^. I just have too many base makeup in hand now. I will do a primer showdown review on my blog today(including the MUFE HD primer). Thanks for the request!^0^xoxo

honody3 said...


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Thank you!

Anne said...

hi i'm just wondering if you're able to use the new rmk smoothing base primer? if yes any thoughts?

Tracy said...

@Anne: I haven't tried the new RMK primers, because I don't have a store near me. But i have used RMK bases before and I like it, but not mindblowing. You can find reviews on my older posts. I hope that helps.

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