August 8, 2010

The creamiest of cream blushes - Becca Creme Blushes

Once your finger touches Becca Creme Blushes, your idea of creme blushes being hard to work with will completely dissipate. We all know that cream blushes are a b* to work with. Sometimes it dries too quickly and if not blended quickly enough you'll end up with a streaky and demarcated mess. Lil Miss Becca (Rebecca was her real name) was a genius to make her own cream blush range with incredibly buttery soft textures and some gorgeous colors to complement all women with different skin tones. 

Becca counters were once in Singapore (Changi and Sephora Ngee Ann City) till they pulled out. Becca although not aesthetic in packaging, is what you will call a boutique high-end makeup line. Perhaps, their presence in the Sephoras and main stream department stores didn't create the right branding impact to the consumer. The testers were always in a mess and there were never any sales associates to guide the confused consumer in amidst the wide array of tinted moisturisers. 

Nevertheless, I had a good chance to try this gorgeous blush in Turkish Rose. It steers towards the soft neutral brownish-rose shade, which is different to our typical peach/pink/coral blushes we're all used to. It looks scary on the pan and in the swatch. Who could have imagined that this shade could transform so beautifully on the cheeks? 

Jojoba, at 'My Makeup Reviews' has the whole blush range swatched beautifully for your viewing pleasure. 

Although it looks small in pan, this blush has lasted me for a long time. A slight swipe is all that is needed for a single application. 

 Blending is very easy with its' creamy and featherlight texture. It almost feels like nothing on the skin with no tacky or sticky finish.  I tried to capture as many pictures to show you the end result, but swatches on the skin when blended out is almost hard to capture on camera. The whole point is to have blush applied to brighten your complexion and not to look like you have applied too much makeup. All pictures are taken with natural sunlight. 

All the base makeup products I used for today's FOTD. 


Lilladylife said...

wonderful FOTD!!!!

for your nars foundation where did you get the pump item? i would love to have a pump for mine, thanks!

Tracy said...

Hi Lilladylife! I bought my pump through the Nars website. I figured it was a worthwhile investment ($6) after my recent spillage. I really hate the Nars packaging!

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