July 10, 2010

Stereo Rose has got MAC fans screaming for more!!!

It's official - Stereo Rose has gotten all the MAC addicts possessed.

Seriously. On twitter, i see a new tweet on Stereo Rose every half an hour. On Google Reader, I see bloggers swatching and raving nonstop about Stereo Rose and the beautiful shimmery finish it gives to the cheeks. On the forums, fans are screaming 'it's sold out! please buy one for me!'. I have several friends calling me to see if I need them to buy me one or if I could get them one. And YouTube is completely infiltrated with hauls and tutorials from this collection, including the infamous Stereo Rose. Probably the only communication medium left unhaunted is my facebook.

I even recall writing on these forums "I'm not sure if I'm even feeling it for this collection"

But what am I supposed to do when all I hear is STEREO ROSE?

hehe... How predictable am I? I get it of course! And here is another picture to add to the thousand other posts on Stereo Rose. Not like you needed to see another MSF right? Yes, I know you want to see it... here it is! =D

And there's a sick sense of victory that I managed to get my hands on Stereo Rose when alot of other people missed out. Now that I look at this, I wonder what all the fuss is all about. It's another CORAL from MAC. We had the Instant Chic Blush, the Marine Life, the Hipness Blush, the lipsticks dressmaker dressmaker and made to order, Coral Crepe Paintpot; all of which have coral undertones. I'm wondering if MAC simply over forecasted the amount of Coral pigment they needed and are trying to make collections that's just 'over-coralized' (if that's such a word!) to reduce their stock. I hope they introduce more pink based products next year, so it helps to balance out my already overwhelming number of coral makeup.

I also got 3 other things from this collection - and these are more of my 'sensible' purchases. They are truly the products that I wanted to get after seeing Temptalia's swatches online. I could have gotten more, but I had my colleague to keep my sanity in check. I mean... how much blush can one put everyday, right? I need more friends like these. Finance friends, to be more precise. =D

Hang Loose Mineralize Blush

Happy Together Mineralize Blush

Jazzed Lipstick

So I know I'm not meant to be blogging while I'm preparing for my exams. But I wanted to show you my purchases real quick, before the craze dies down. Yes, I need to add to the frenzy. 

To top it off, I got a nailpolish from the Shrek Collection and I'm in LOVE with it!!! I'm not really a nails person but this collection is the bomb! Rumple's Wiggin' kind of reminds me of MAC's Lavender Wip. 


mandy said...

They all look really nice! (maybe because I don't have any powder blushes lol)

I have that nailpolish too!

Kristie @ naturalNchicmakeup.blogspot.com said...

I hope you like Hang Loose. I think it's beautiful and unique. Stereo Rose has definitely caused a frenzy! It's a beautiful color but really not worth all the hassle. Enjoy your haul and thanks for sharing.

miss wiggle said...

Please do a look with Stereo Rose and Happy Together blushes! I wasn't that excited about Stereo Rose, but I can see how it'd go nicely with Jazzed lipstick! :)

Vonvon said...

Yay! We got the same stuffs - Stereo Rose and Hang Loose. I was also considering Happy Together, but stopped myself! But my little girl insisted that she likes Band of Roses blush but too dark for me. Thank God!

Still waiting for the eyeshadow trios to arrive here.....

BeautyOnTheWay said...

I'm using "Rumple's Wiggin'" today and I love the color so much.
You can find more photos from my new post, thanks!

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