July 31, 2010

Paul & Joe Lipstick N Swatches

Paul & Joe has an amazing array of lipsticks in their regular range (and some from their limited edition collections). I've been using more of their lipsticks ever since I was introduced to my first one at a warehouse sale. The formula is amazingly creamy and helps to even minimize the look of my dry prune lips. Paul & Joe fragrances has a faint floral scent, which is quite pleasing as compared to many other lipsticks (e.g. Estee Lauder).  Since then, I've accumulated 6 lipsticks (of which I have hit pan on one of them). 

Their lipsticks are geared towards the softer glossy side, and are generally not opaque. It reminds me a little bit of a lipbalm because it's colours are sheerer and a dream to apply.  It's a bit hard to reminder their shades, because they're all labelled with numbers. 

From left to right: #26, #13, #055, #14, #29

I do agree that the last three shades (#055, #14 and #29) look almost similar when swatched but on the lips (and in the tube) it looks very different.

Lipstick N #26 is a bright watermelon cool pink, which I would consider the brightest of their whole lipstick range. If you're looking for something pigmented and fun, Lipstick in #26 is a perfect choice.

All pictures in natural sunlight. 

Lipstick N #13 is more of an orangey beige color and warms your entire complexion. It looks orange in the tube and on the swatch, but it will probably suit more for a beachy bronzed look.

Lipstick CS N #055 is a limited edition colour. I would describe this as a plum colour which is great for the office. I believe the older formulation of lipsticks (with the code CS) is slightly different and a little bit more creamy. I can't really tell a difference though.

Lipstick N #14 is one of my favourite wearable reds. I like wearing safe reds, where you won't go too wrong in the red or blue underbases. This lipstick has some shimmer, which makes your lips look nice and glossy. This red is definitely gearing towards the warmer red and applies sheer, so again, it's perfect for work. 

Lipstick N #29 is a gorgeous light peachy rose colour. It looks beautiful on the lips and is such a wearable shade.

It looks glittery on my lips (but that's due to my previous swatch #14).

In summary, Paul & Joe is my favourite lipsticks of this month. They're all glossy, easy to wear, and very moisturising. I wore my first lipstick from Paul & Joe almost everyday for a whole month and my lips were nicely plumped and moisturized. 

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