June 6, 2010

Review and thoughts on the Stila Jewel Eyeshadow Palette

The Stila Jewel Eye Shadow Palette offers some beautiful shades from golden, purple, pink, and black with INTENSE glitter. If you're a big fan of Jill Stuart eyeshadows, this is going to be a hot hot palette for you. I emphasise, this is very SPARKLY!!! It's almost like using the MAC reflect glitters on your lid with a finer texture. I can see that I'll be using alot of this for night time looks. 

Although this is limited edition, it should still be available on some sites. I just checked on the Stila website and unfortunately, it's sold out... Not to worry, it's still available on the Sephora website. I bought mine from the Stila website with their 20% off sale some months back. I forgot to do a review... oops! 

So you have 4 shades... Cut & paste, here you go. 

This set contains:
- Rose Quartz (light pink with silver sparkle)
- Amethyst (grey eggplant with champagne sparkle)
- Black Diamond (black with silver sparkle)
- Golden Topaz (champagne shimmer with silver and gold sparkle)

Very pretty packaging with little stars scattered all over.

BUT, seriously... each shadow only contains 0.8 grams. The size is smaller than my Singapore 10cents coin... That's disgraceful for a price of $32. It's $10/g of product. 

Maths aside... here is the size of a MAC eyeshadow pan to help you compare... 


Quality-wise, it feels wet on the fingers and applies with an almost glossy finish. It's definitely not a powder-form eyeshadow. Texture is not gritty at all. If you use any of the glitter eyeshadows, there's always a tendency of fall outs. Yes, there were some but not alot. Probably less fall out than Jill Stuart eyeshadows.

What really surprised me is that it only has a 6 months shelf life! How do you finish any eyeshadow in 6 months? I have no idea... I don't believe this 6 months shelf life claim. 

Super glittery! I love love love it! I can see that I'll be using alot of the black glittery shadow to create plenty of smokey eyes. The black was like WHOA! One swatch for all below. 

Here's my look today incorporating all the 4 shades. 

It's time for some brow threading... Blame the Asian genes. 

So my final verdict; I think this is a star product for glittery/shimmery eyeshadow lovers. Apart from the high price point, it's worth getting if you have discounts with Sephora/Stila Cosmetics. It's a unique product. I don't believe any other brand has ever released eyeshadows with a wet but super sparkly finish. Formulation is fantastic and pigmentation is good too. It didn't take too much for me to blend the shadows together. And it can also be used as a pop of sparkle to any other eye looks you're intending to create. 


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Very pretty! I like sparkly eye shadows that are tasteful. This is definitely one of them :)

miss wiggle said...

oh, that's surprising! by the looks of them, you'd think the shadows would feel brittle with all the sparkles. good to know they have nice texture ~

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