June 17, 2010

Quick Product Reviews - Shu Uemura UV Underbase, Givenchy Prisme Libre, MAC Hipness Blush

Why oh why am I so tempted to buy new base makeup when I already have so much on hand?! Its not like I really need another foundation, or primer, or concealer for that matter.

Anyway, I'm trying to use up my base makeup items slowly and steadily... and avoiding buying new base make up entirely unless it's absolutely necessary. So digging through my backup stash, I discovered my loved and ignored primer - Shu Uemura UV Under Base...

First thing is that the Shu Uemura UV Underbase is a mousse. From the dispenser, you get a nice decent amount of lightweight mousse that feels very cooling due to its high water properties. It might not be as 'silicony' as other primers but it really does help to minimize the pores on your face. I used one of the those pentagon squares to soak up the mousse before dabbing it on my face. It's great as a base for pressed powder application, but probably doesn't make your makeup last that much longer (IMO) than a traditional silicone-based primer. Having an SPF of 17 is probably negligible in this type of Asian sun, but something is better than nothing right?

So here I am with the Shu Uemura UV Underbase. It looks like this has helped to even out my complexion. It's hard to describe, someting like a fix+ but with a bit of colour if you get what I mean... 

Get prepared for some serious fugly portraits... hehehe! Sorry, morning and base makeup shots just aren't my forte. 
Now comes the really cool stuff! I can't get over my Givenchy Loose Powder. It comes in 4 different shades but blends into a matte finish that evens out your complexion and somewhat brightens your skin. Instead of looking stark white, this powder gives me a more natural glow. Not to mention, the packaging with the polka dots is ultra cute and so retro! I love it!

You can get different variations of colours with the versions that Givenchy releases. I found this the most suitable, being non-shimmery. 

Ready for the fugly portraits?

Yup, here we go...
So the left side I have the powder on... and as you can see it really does help to illuminate my skin without casting that white powdery look. I used a big powder brush to apply the powder on my face instead of the small puff that comes with the container.

Both sides... (lol! Excuse my expression - obviously very tired and hating my dry lips)

I've been really into my MAC hipness blush that I got from my haul 2 weeks back. I love this colour and would highly recommend it if you missed out on Marine Life. AND, the starfish will always stay on unlike the poor golden overspray seahorse (pity!) on the Marine Life High-Light. 

You can pack on more if you wish. Can you see it on my cheeks? A little, yes. I like that you can control the colour on your cheeks and even if you put on too much, blending it with a kabuki helps to soften the harsh look!

All the stuff I used today...

Today marks the first day of the Massimo Dutti Sale in Singapore. Even though it's 'up to 30% off' which is hardly anything, it's nice to get a few clothing pieces from their line. I love the quality from Massimo Dutti, even more than Zara which offers some amazing fashion pieces. Yes, it's a bit classic and boring sometimes, but it's simple items that will last you forever in your wardrobe. 

I'm really looking forward to the Zara sale here in Singapore. I wish I didn't have to travel next week because I'll definitely take annual leave just to attend this sale. hehe! Yes! It's even more important than makeup, imo. Style and fashion is so important to giving off first impressions at work and on your weekends when you meet people. Don't stinge if you see an outfit you LOVE, because you'll end up wearing it so often that it's totally worth it! :)


Ki said...

The primer looks good :)

miss wiggle said...

The Shu primer looks like vanilla mousse ice cream tee hee! The Givenchy powder sounds amazing! I still don't have any loose powders in my collection! Is there such a thing as a loose powder that gives a dewy look? Haha, I suppose that's counter-productive, eh? ;P

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