June 6, 2010

MAC to the Beach Collection Haul from Duty Free :)

I'm a happy camper. 

I finally got my hands on the MAC to the Beach Collection. I must have been the first customer in Singapore to purchase all these products. I got this from the Duty Free shops at 9pm... just 3 hrs before the official launch on the 4th June. 

 I'm guilty of being one of those crazy haulers that only get things because it's limited edition and pretty packaging. I've been looking forward to this collection for months and months. You can imagine, I've been reading/watching and anticipating this collection. I was even prepared to purchase it just 1-2 weeks earlier in the US. And yes, I was prepared to spend more money on shipping. Crazy, I know. But I held back cos Marine Life was sold out just 1 hr after it was released online. It wasn't even officially published on maccosmetics.com and it was sold out. It's ridiculous. 

Marine Life is the highlight of the collection... probably the reason why they call it 'High Light' powder when it's not a highlighter at all. Yes, I know the seahorse is just an overspray... Yes, I know it's so pigmented that it'll give me florescent cheeks. 

I will check in into makeup rehab, just excuse me while I cheat myself this one time into believing that Marine Life is all the hype at the moment. 

The orange and green packaging is in my opinion, GORGEOUS!

I wanted alot more from this collection when I saw the promo pictures. But after seeing it in person, my shopping list condensed to 7 items. Not bad, considering my original list has probably 15 items. 

I skipped on the cream bronzers, eye pencils, lip pencils, Get Away Bronze blush, body oil, lustre drops, and the rest... u get my drift. I was just overwhelmed with the size of this collection. 

I chanced upon this picture, and the color of the liner reminds me of the 'Float on By' eye khol... So I think I might get it to create a similar look. 

So I managed to get 2 lippies; Lazy Day (lustre) and Thrills (frost). Both colours are very pretty and easy to wear for any looks. Also got the bronzer in Golden... which is a permanent. I've used Golden before and I find that it's more suitable for fair asian skin. 

Both lipglosses in Splashing (intense pigmented opaque pink) and Flurry of Fun (transparent with teal reflects). In my opinion, Flurry of Fun is a must-have from this collection. You can pair this with Thrills lipstick and it gives a nice color combo. 

Hipness blush... I didn't get this from the Fafi collection. It's quite similar to the Marine Life highlighter, probably less pigmented. I'm really into coral cheeks lately.

In all it's glory

I bought some other stuff from DFS, cos if you spend $450, you get a $50 dollar voucher. At 10-15% off retail price, it's worth getting a few of your skincare backups. So I'll show them to you in a separate post. 

What did you get from this collection?


p chan said...

I'm glad I didn't like most of the items in this collection :p only got Lazy Day and Beachbound ;) I shall save my $ for the Paul & Joe Summer collection.

Shilka said...

SO nice to read how much you enjoy this collection :D I totally get it! Every time once in a while a collection comes and a makeup addict like us just falls in love with it ;D

Vonvon said...

Glad you managed to get your Marine Life. :)

Like the lippies you got. Now considering on getting Flurry Of Fun.... but as I lamented in my blog, I could hardly finish my lippies, and I have loads more lippies to be finished... sigh...;)

Diane said...

Hey Tracy! Was it cheaper to get the To The Beach stuff in duty free? :)

Diane said...

Aw that's so sweet of you, but it's okay!! :) thanks so much though! :) and take care of yourself!!!

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