May 12, 2010

Shu Uemura eyeshadows have a special place in my heart

Shu Uemura is having a sale on their main website for 20% off on all products. I was originally planning to get a few of their eyeshadows to update my collection but nothing really grabbed me. I think my current stash is largely ignored because I've been using other eyeshadow palettes instead. I realised last night how gorgeous some of these shades are and I wanted to do a look together with the MAC Instant Chic blush.

Shu uemura classifies their textures by ME (metallic), P (pearl), M (matte) and IR (iridescent). Personally, I much prefer the metallic shades for it's richness and softness in quality. They have an amazing array of colours, and find them better in pigmentation than MAC eyeshadows. They're not as glittery or shimmery as most Japanese eyeshadows too.

I hate the plasticy packaging though. I wish they'll improve on it.

Okay, lets get started...

After base makeup foundation (and messy I-cannot-be-bothered-to-go-to-work hair)...

Applying Paul & Joe Eyeshadow Primer in 02 to even out any discoloration on the eyelids

First shade, ME 800 Beige on the inner corner of my eyelid

A gorgeous light champagne colour

P Spring Breeze was released in Spring 2007 and that was the time that I was really into Shu Uemura eyeshadows.

This shade applies more of a pastel-ish lilac purple. Perfect for Spring time looks. Here, I applied this to the middle-outer corner of my lid.
ME Purple 700 is one of Shu's most coveted best-selling eyeshadow (according to many SAs). If you ever want to try their eyeshadows, this should be in your list!

I used this on the outer corner of my lashline.

I used a little bit of MAC Smoke & Diamonds to blend out the harsh lines on the outer corner.

After UD 24/7 liner in Zero on my waterline, YSL Faux Cils mascara... I'm done!

Applying a light hand of MAC Instant Chic Sheertone Blush to the apples of my cheeks...

On my lips I have on MAC Made to Order lipstick, which is slightly darker than Dressmaker Dressmaker...

Now I have MAC Dressmaker Dressmaker lipstick. I think I prefer Dressmaker Dressmaker lipstick, cos it's alot more wearable with different eye looks. You probably can hardly see any difference between the two. In fact, if you sheer out the Made To Order lipstick, it looks somewhat like Dressmaker Dressmaker. If you're considering between the two, I would just get one. I like them both, but I'll probably get more use out of lighter lipsticks in general. I'll like to show you close ups of my lips but they're are so severely chapped, it'll freak you out! More lip pictures when they recover!

All the gear used for today's look.  

I'm not sure if I'll still get anything else from the MAC Pret te Papier collection. A few of the eyeshadows have caught my eye, but after trying on a few of my old Shu Uemura eyeshadows, I decided against it.


Jess said...

The purple Shu Uemura e/s indeed looks lovely! You look super pretty with bluish purple eyes! I myself can't pull off purple too well.

Instant Chic looks very cute on you! I love this look a lot!

Btw, I'd love to enjoy your beautiful pictures a bit larger if possible.

Tiptoe21 said...

i love the colors on your eyes! I'm sad that Shu Uemura was pulled out of the U.S., but good thing their website is still available.

katherine said...

I recently descovered shu uemura eyeshadows... They are amazing!

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