May 22, 2010

Project Trying-Really-Hard-To-Use-Up!!

If you ever get that feeling of excitement when you're about to finish something, you fall under the category of beauty addiction. I've been feeling excited recently to see a few of things reach it's end of it's life. Strange as it is, it sort of powers you to make sure you use it daily, or several times a day... almost to the point of obsessive compulsive disorder. I.e. applying lipgloss every half an hr. I'm guilty. 

Okay, it's not exactly 10 products. Like I said before, Project-10-pan will kill me in the process. 9 products of loves and not-so-appreciated...

Here we go...
Impress Brightening Wash
To be honest, this smells of Hazeline Snow cream, and doesn't leave the nice clean feeling like my IPSA Cleansing Smooth Foam. I got this from the Kanebo sales in Takashimaya. This face wash was going at $23, which was a bargain I couldn't resist. It's not bad but IPSA is so much better. I think I have another month till this tube will be finito!

Lancome Genifique Eye Cream
One day when I opened this, I was shocked to see that I've pretty much used up this eyecream. I love it. I think it absorbs really nicely. It offers hydration. And it comes in a cute little jar, which I will probably keep to mix pigments of that sort. It'll take me another 2 weeks to finish this. This is the best eyecream I've used thus far. 

YSL Anti-Cernes Multi Action Concealer
How many times have you read that I'm so in love with this concealer? Yeah, too many. 
It's almost at it's tail end... Probably another month to go with moderate use. 

MAC Way to Love Lustre Lipstick
I love this colour. I thought I would have finished this long ago. But my current state of lip-affairs has made me avoid all MAC lipsticks altogether. 

IPSA In-Essence Foundation
If you're looking for something dewy, this foundation gives you a moisturized feeling. I don't have much love towards this foundation. I much prefer my NARS Sheer Glow for it's illuminosity. I find that the IPSA foundation can feel a little too creamy for my liking. Another 2 weeks till this one is in the 'parking bag'. 

Shu Uemura Principe Lip Serum
Honestly, I don't know why people rave about this lip serum. It's very blah. It's not very waxy and feels slippery. I'm forcing myself to use this, cos I'm definitely not wanting to keep this in my current stash for very long. 

Korres Body Butter
This is a great body butter for very very dry skin. My mum took it from me for a bit then suddenly it reappeared in my bedroom. Great to use before bed, and your skin will be super happy in the morning. Another month till this body butter is finito. 

MAC Lipglass in Nymphette
Everyone raves about Nymphette as if it's Holy Grail. Honestly, I didn't see the big fuss. But I'm starting to appreciate it now, especially in the office environment. It's your lips but better colour, with shimmer. I'm almost halfway done. I think it'll take me another 2 months to finish this. 


the IPSA Poreless Loose Powder
How I wish I could finish this already. It's taking me FOREVER! Not that I despise it... it's just that I have other loose powders that need my attention. I've been using this for more than an yr now (on a daily basis). *SIGH*

Do not underestimate this small little amount of powder... this can last me another 2 months of daily use. 

Whats on your current project use-up list?


miss wiggle said...

As of now, I don't want to use up anything otherwise I'd have to buy again - particularly skincare stuff! ;)

I love your new layout, btw. It looks very fresh and clean!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I have SO many I have to use up! LOL I am at a product overload! I collect and collect! Right now I need to finish up my Bare Escentuals mineral foundation that I've had for over a yr! I really dont want to throw it out because it was pretty pricey for me :/ Hmm, maybe some night creams so I can start on a new one I recently acquired! LOL

Tracy said...

Rainy Days and Lattes: ah... so you're in the same bandwagon as me on the loose powder and mineral powder. i've got some from Laura Mercier and I still haven't had the chance to use it. We need to do a rotational roster for all our products!

Miss wiggle: Unfortunately, I keep on buying makeup and always finishing skincare first. Thank you! I'm so IT illiterate. Took me forever to make that stupid banner. I'll have to learn a bit of photoshop to take my blog to the next level.

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