May 22, 2010

New Stuff from the Body Shop

I chanced upon a fantastic sale at the Body Shop while I was dragging myself to the coffee shop yesterday. The previous sales at TBS never really sparked any interest with me. I find some of their products quite 'blah', especially their makeup line. But, I did buy my mum (way back) the Brazil Nut Body Butter which she found quite greasy. I never got into the body skincare bandwagon, until now. 

They had some great deals; each 200mL full size body butters and scrubs are priced at $16.90 from $29.90. I figured 'why not give it a go' since drugstore moisturisers are priced around $13-$15 anyway. So I got the body scrub in olive.... walked out of the shop then returned to get 2 more body butters after being told that spending $50, you also get a membership card which entitles you to 20% discount for all products in the store!

This is what I returned home with... and boy was I really happy!

The Olive Body Scrub is something that I was really looking forward to trying... and when I did I was so  pleased!

It comes in a 200mL jar (which is quite annoying to use cos the water can dilute the product inside). Unlike Lush stuff, these products have a longer expiry date. The scent is light and quite refreshing. You don't get alot of product inside considering how much you need to use to scrub your entire body. I think I'm going to get another backup today (mind you, I never ever buy backups!)

2 parts to the scrub; the moisturiser/cream with the granular beads which you dilute with some water to then massage in circular motions around your body especially the legs, elbows and knees. 

On dry skin, the moisturiser/cream actually absorbs into the skin, leaving the granules behind. I find the whole scrubbing thing incredibly therapeutic. My skin was left feeling ULTRA soft!  

I had a hard time choosing which body butters. But I settled with the Moringa as it absorbs into my skin fast and has a light scent. This is suitable for normal skin types. 

And finally, I also picked up the Olive Body Butter for my dearest mum who's really into Olive stuff at the moment. I recall her asking me in mandarin, 'Tracy, could you help me get some olive oil?' And I was puzzled... why can't she get it there in Jakarta? And I told her that it's better that she get it from there. So she got pissed off cos I refused to buy her olive oil. Only much later I found out through my sister that she actually wanted olive oil moisturisers and not the olive oils for cooking

This scent is even lighter than Moringa, and I'm starting to really like this too.

My jumbo sized Korres Quince Body Butter is almost done. I really enjoyed it when I first started using it but I find that it can be quite 'greasy' and takes a bit to absorb. I do have very happy skin in the morning though. 

I'm now wondering what else I should get from the Body Shop sale (which ends this Sunday btw). I'm thinking of getting the moisturising gloves... after being told by my colleague the other day that I better start looking into my hands cos it's showing signs of aging!!!!! *shock* 


p chan said...

great haul! i love korres quince body butter too! but it's a tad expensive. you should try out korres quince lip butter! it's another amazing product!

Tracy said...

i agree with you. Now I've found body butters at a cheaper price point, I don't think I'll repurchase Korres stuff unless they go on a sale.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love body butters! awesome goodies! :)

Tracy said...

Thank you! I'm so compelled to buy all the body butters now!

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