May 31, 2010

EOTD with Lunasol Coral-Coral Eyeshadow Palette

I'm flying off to Mumbai tonight, which is a BIG relief to me! I'm starting to really appreciate time away from the office, so that I minimise myself from the rampant office politics. Last week was torturous as you can imagine. The boss was back and I was rushing (and being rushed) to meet earlier and earlier project deadlines. So going to India is much better. I can meet up with customers, get a fresh mindset and think about ways to do things better (as opposed to being stepped and trodden by unnecessary politics).

Today, I'm using my Lunasol Coral Coral Eyeshadow Palette. I admit, this is a pretty old release and I still haven't used it! I got this from the Lunasol sale last year for a decent price.

Anyway, I've found a new gem... A perfect eyeshadow palette for strict corporate days. Minimal makeup and a professional look.

After base makeup
Lunasol Coral Coral is a GORGEOUS eyeshadow palette. It has natural shades that whispers office lady...

Applying the top left shade (light pink) to the inner corner of my eye

Then the top right shade (light brown) to the middle lid. Using my MAC 239 brush.

Very sheer color
Now using the darkest brown shade (which is not so dark) to the outer crease area

I wish I took better pictures than this... This does not properly capture the true subtle beauty of the shimmers!

All the 'Point Makeup' (Color makeup) I used today. I'm loving Guerlain blushes. They're so soft, smells beautiful too. I will be doing a more detailed FOTD using this blush in coming posts.

I hope you have a good week and don't forget to smile cos I will be in incredible India! :)


miss wiggle said...

AHHHHHH!! This reminds me I still have to do a look for my lunasol palette... *SIGH* Why am I so lazy?!

The coral palette looks just perfect for the season!

Ki said...

Welcome to India :)

have a great time :)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

India! Nice :D I just had some awesome Indian food last night. I wish i could visit India. The palette is so pretty on you. Minimal or anything, you always look so fresh and pretty :D

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