April 3, 2010

Product Stash Spotlight: Benefit Boxed Powders

There's something really cute and whimsical about the Benefit Boxed Powders which I absolutely adore. I began my Benefit collection a few years back when I was still working in Melbourne, starting off with the highly raved 'Dandelion' which gives you the most beautiful natural complexion when swept across your face. Since then, my single box expanded to include other boxed powders and other Benefit items. 

The only boxed powders missing would be Georgia, Hoola and the new Sugarbomb (which I'm planning to get sooner or later). What I love the most about these boxed powders is of course the packaging! And you get a decent amount of product (10g for Dandelion and 10 and 12g for the new releases). 

It has a subtle department store scent, which I can't exactly point my finger on but it smells lovely (to me anyway). 

Benefit Thrrrob
My most favourite boxed powder would be thrrrob which gives the lightest barely-there pink flush. I usually apply this everywhere on my face to give my face some colour. 
Get the "turned on" flush you've been looking for with this heart-throbbing pink powder. 
Well, I wouldn't say I look turned on everytime I use this powder but it's definitely subtle and even lighter than Dandelion (which is really surprising). It reminds me of MAC's Summer Rose, which has a subtle cool toned pink. There's hardly any shimmer either. It was almost impossible to take pictures coz it blends right into the skin. *frustrating!*

Benefit Coralista
 My next favourite would be the Coralista Blush. Wow! this boxed powder really gives the most beautiful peachy glowy look. I heart it!
Take a pleasure trip... to rio. 
This is probably the most shimmery blush within my collection. Infused with slight gold shimmer, this will make you cheekbones pop!

Benefit 10
Benefit 10 has got no love from me at all... :(
Be a perfect 10! For a sultry, sexy glow... 
This is way too shimmery for a contour shade. The brown shade doesn't work too well as a bronzer either and looks too orange on my skin. The highlighter shade is pretty though, however I tend to grab my MAC MSFs for any highlighting needs. A lonely boxed powder it is. 

Benefit Dallas
At first I thought Dallas was too dark for my skintone... Back then it was a perfect match but now it isn't. So I haven't really grabbed this much. Now that I look at it again, I like that there's not much shimmer which makes it a beautiful bronzer when applied lightly. I think this deserves more love from me. 
For a natural, fresh glow... 
If used too much I think it may make my face look somewhat 'dirty'... We shall see in my later FOTDs.

Benefit Dandelion
The highly raved Dandelion... the first boxed powder from Benefit which sold like hot cakes till there were none left in the stores. What was all the rave about? It's just another pink powder which is too light to be used as a blush. What's the biggie? Well, the secret is to apply all over your face to give you a really pretty brightened complexion. 
Finely spun with delicate mauves and pinks, this exquisite brightening face powder leaves a petal-like finish. 
Honestly, the rave was probably a little overrated. Yes, it does help to brighten my complexion. But after discovering Benefit Thrrrob, my little dandelion sat alone in the corner. It's more pigmented than Thrrrob and mind you, oily skin ladies may not fare so well with this. Blushes/powders always changes their colour slightly after oxidation. 

So that concludes my Benefit Boxed Powders stash spotlight! I hope you enjoyed it!


Diane said...

gahhhhhhh i've finally found someone who doesn't love dandelion! i've tried so many different ways to make this blush work for me.. but it doesn't seem so show on my skin and even made my pores look bigger!

hmm does thrrrob have any shimmer in it? :)

Tracy said...

Actually, Thrrrob seem to sparkle on pan but when swatched, it's matte!
For some time I used Dandelion all over as a face powder, but I found that it oxidised like no other on my then-oily face. It seems to dull my complexion at the end of the day. So I stopped using it. It might work for me now since I have oil-free skin.

miss wiggle said...

Excellent! Now I must have Thrrrob! xD

elena said...

We have exactly the same Benefit Boxed Powders! Haha! These are exactly the 5 I owe from Benefit as of now! My first 2 were Dallas and Dandelion. I'm waiting for their 20% off sales to get the primer and skinny jeans ^^

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