April 2, 2010

Initial Thoughts On the Clinique Fresh Picked 01 Mixed Berries Blush and Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer Potion

I received a sample of the Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion from my recent purchase of the Alice in Wonderland Palette... I thought I might give this a test run, knowing that the UDPP for eyeshadow is a HUGE cult-favorite. Here I will be using the Pore Perfecting Primer Potion. 

The texture is very silicon-ish and comes in a white paste which you apply to areas where you have some serious pore problems or to the whole face. Basically it helps to fill up pores so that foundation applies better. It reminds me of the Benefit Dr. Feel Good but it feels less heavy on the skin. It doesn't have a greasy feeling either. I'm not sure if it actually may block my pores considering it's a pore-filler. But, so far I really like how it makes my skin feels and look. I suppose I will only reserve this when I need to look flawless. 

My pores do look visibly smaller after application... ('scuse my dorky look)

After foundation, I'm so impressed at how even my skin looks! I don't even need to blend to minimise the streaking that comes with my MAC 187 brush. My skin looks great using this stuff! BTW, this is better than the P&J Moisturising Primer for realllll!

Testing my new blush; Clinique Fresh Picked allover colour in 01 Mixed Berries...

I got sucked into the pretty embossing! I love how there's 3 different shades for you to work with. 

A small pinch of the blush on my cheeks, using the 2 lightest shades. I like that it's not too heavy and it has a soft shimmer so it helps to brighten the cheeks. 

I've really been enjoying the Guerlain Exotique Paradis Eyeshadow Palette which I've posted earlier. But you're probably sick of me talking about it, so I'm gonna be switching up my makeup routine next week.  Here's the gear that I used today to create my look. 

Oh, if you're wondering what necklace I'm wearing... it's a buddhist pendent. Wearing my gold charm makes me a happy camper! :)

And finally, happy easter! Hope you're enjoying your day off! :)

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