March 14, 2010

Paul & Joe Haul from the Isetan Private Sales (12-March-10)

I'm a huge fan of Paul & Joe Beaute. Ever since I've been first introduced to this brand, I've always looked forward to their new collections. All their items are wearable for a sweet and easy natural look. Their foundations never broke me out, their lip colours are so easy to wear and very moisturising, and their prices are not too crazy for a department store line. Anyway, just 2 days ago, Paul & Joe (Singapore) had a direct 10% discount with $15 voucher for every $100 spent. I used this opportunity to get a few things that I've been holding off for a while.

I love the packaging and flower designs of Paul & Joe. The SA (Mark) is so hilariously cute. I think he's the only male SA at P&J and he (like the rest) are very customer focused. 

Product lineup... which one to use first? 

First item is the Lipgloss N in 08, a lovely beigey nude lipgloss (going at 20% off).

Second, eyebrow pencil duo 03 (lightest shade). This looks great on the brows, the lighter shade is meant to be used in the inner half and the darker shade at the outer half. This helps to define your brows (elongate them especially) and whilst softening your features towards your nose bridge. 

Third, Eye Colour Primer 02 to help even out any discoloration. Will have to see if my eyeshadow creases. 

And finally the long awaited lip lacquers!
First colour from the left is in the shade 03, middle is 02 and the far right is 08. I'm in love with the middle orange colour. It looks more peachy on the lips. More swatches to come later...


Popcorn said...

I <3 P&J too!!!!!
So many goodies! hehehe I wish I had a P&J counter that was near me~ :P
I can't wait to hear about your thoughts on the P&J primer! I have been wanting to try that.

lisa (Makeupandlife*) said...

Hi beautiful,

I love Paul&Joe too. what a nice haul. those lipglosses look so yummy and cute. the bright pink is my favourite.


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