April 1, 2010

Guerlain Paradis Exotique 404 EOTD and my new hair colour

Hi y'all! Again, I've fallen victim to the 'poorly updated bloggers'. This time I have no excuse. I've just so lazy! Just been wanting to do posts but I keep on putting it off. Mind you, today's post is going to be quite short because I accidentally deleted the photos that I intended to upload. doh!

Here I am using the Guerlain Exotique Paradis eye shadow palette again. I find that it's easier to apply the shadows on a segmented way. I.e. using the green on the inner corner, then the pink on the middle, and orange on the outer lid. And finally using the brown to line the lash line. The shadows stay on much better and is more pigmented that way. If I layer it over each other, the shadows never stick! 

I really like how the colours go nicely together without looking too overdone. My favourite shade would be the orange to the right top corner. 

My new hair colour! I much prefer this colour over my previous. I find that the roots grow really fast and becomes too obvious with my supposed 'blondish-brown'. So I've gone slightly darker but with a less orange tone. I'm really loving this colour and of course my hairdresser is absolutely fantastic! His name is Wesley, and works at Centrepoint and Wheelock Kenaris Salons. Been going to him for years now and he's the best I've gone to. 

My face arsenal... 

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