March 9, 2010

Chanel Teint Innocence Compact - Review & Initial thoughts

I'm feeling somewhat sluggish this morning, after 5 hrs of sleep and downing lots of coffee to keep myself awake for a friend's conference call last night. My skin and eyes are screaming help, as this is probably my 3rd night in a row where I had less than 6 hrs sleep. Some people can probably tolerate and do well with just a mere 4 hrs but for me, I need 8 hrs of shut eye. (I'm now at work trying to finish this blog post! shhh)

Yesterday, I showed you my small Chanel haul which consists of a blush and creme foundation. I was really surprised to see the Beauty Look Book comment about the same foundation. Just timely! So here are my initial thoughts after testing it out yesterday and today. My concerns lately is of really dry skin, which makes my liquid foundation sink into my pores (so annoying!). I really likes the NARS Sheer Glow but I needed something with better coverage on days that I have an important function. I didn't want to get the sister twin, which is the fluid foundation cos it was mega thick and took forever for it to dry.

 First up I prepped my skin with P&J Moisturising Primer. I noticed that my skin isn't really enjoying this primer anymore, because it's very dehydrated from the Roaccutane. Dry skin also equals to enlarged pores.
Probably about a month ago, I love this primer because it's just right in terms of moisturising qualities.

So here comes the marketing jargon...
Product Description
Innovative oil-free compact foundation offers luxurious glide-on application. Provides ideal medium coverage, while still revealing skin's natural beauty. Delivers greater colour purity for an even luminous complexion.

Comes in a nice mirrored container, and is refillable at SGD65-ish (Takashimaya stores). There's a separate lid that helps to seal in the moisture. And the compact also comes with a high quality sponge. Here you'll see my Shu Uemura Foundation Brush which is great for going into the small areas and blending out streaky foundation.

I was matched to 10 Albastair, which is equivalent to MAC NC25 or Nars Sheer Glow in Ceylan. There are shades 05 and 15 as well but they vary remarkably in tones. Do check it out in person before purchasing this, ideally on your entire face to see if it goes with the colour of your neck.

I wasn't sure initially on how best to apply this foundation, so I compared one side of my 'maquillage' with a brush and the other with a sponge. Lets have a look... 

On the left side I used a foundation brush
I must admit, it takes some effort to blend. And it's really dependent on the pre-existing moisturised state of your skin. If you're really oily, it'll blend well but it won't stay on/oxidise quicker. If you're dry skinned, you need to work it in cos it dries somewhat quickly. And if you're combination skinned, well... this is perfect! :)

And on the right side, I used a sponge... I find that coverage is much better when using a sponge. However, I still like using brushes for the convenience in washing. The great thing about this compact is that it covers my redness and blemishes very nicely. I don't need as much concealer as compared to days where I use my NARS Sheer Glow.
But the biggest thing that bugs me is that it accentuates my dry skin, real bad! I can see flecks of foundation sitting around my lip area, nose and cheeks. I used MAC's Fix+ to blend it out but alas, it's still there. Go figure! I probably need to try a hydrating mask or change my moisturiser to make it blend in better.
Anyway, I was running out of time in the morning so I quickly brushed on some powder with my IPSA Poreless Loose Powder. I suppose it's not necessary to use powder after this foundation as it dries to a powder finish. BUT, I just felt incomplete without it cos I need my skin to feel completely matte when walking out the door.
So my final thoughts? Well, I was playing around with the NARs Sheer Glow last night and comparing the effect with this compact. The luminous glow effect was still much better with NARs, but staying power and coverage, Chanel wins.

To summarise, The Chanel Teint Innocence Compact is great for Combination-skinned ladies, who need lasting power, don't want to look too powdered up but would like something more longer lasting. There are plenty of colours available, so matching should be easy. Thumbs up to coverage and packaging. But thumbs down to difficulty in blending (especially for drier skins).
And for the rest of my face... Oops, I forgot to align the picture! I was too rushed in the morning!

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