February 5, 2010

Thank goodness I didn't go harajuku!

I seem to be really fickle when it comes to hair. I go curly, straight, curly straight in a span of a year... I can never make my mind up. But this time, I learnt my lesson, especially with my bad perm job last year. My hair looked so aunty and no matter how straightened it with my hair iron, I still look worse than an orang utang. Yep, this little fella looks better than me. 

But hey, you think I learnt my lesson right? Well, I learnt my lesson to only go to my single hairdresser. I will never ever change my hairdresser again. If I move countries, I'll bring him along with me (thats if I can pay for his salary x 10 times!).

I did my hair... yes, a similar colour to the orang utang above. Now, we can pick off the little insects off each other during our lunch break. :) 
Lets get down the hair color. I chose level 7, whatever that means. The higher the number, the blonder you go (apparently). I was worried at first that I look harajuku. Of course, I had to color my brows too, otherwise I'll look off. But it looks like it went lighter than level 7. It almost looks like level 8 or 9. 

But I still find the color too light for my liking. I'll like to hear your opinion cos I'll get my hairdresser to fix it to my right color. 

On a separate note, I thought I'll do a work outfit of the day. Pretty simple, but the scarf accessorizes the whole look. I got this from Takashimaya and I love their selection. It's pricey so I opt to buy it in bulk when I go to China. 
Alright, I'm off to work! Let me know your thoughts on my hair! Should I keep it or re-color it?

1 comment:

Shilka said...

I like the color! It makes you look very youthful and works with your skin tone in my eyes :D

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