February 11, 2010

A small P&J haul with lots of happiness

Tonight I'm flying home to see mom & pop in Jakarta, so today's post will be short (hopefully!). I previous had a chance to try some skincare samples of the P&J product line and I'm liking some of their cleansing stuff. Plus, they have a promotion going on right now where you get the Cleansing Milk and Refreshing Skin Toner for $68.

They come in pretty big size bottles too so price is totally justified. 

The Light Cleansing Milk, is not really a 'milk' formulation. Rather, it's more gel-like. I love how cooling my skin feels after using this. I'm meant to use this to remove makeup (before cleansing with my holy grail IPSA Smooth Cleansing Foam).

And finally I loved how the Refreshing Skin Toner felt and smelt on my skin. I've been wanting this for quite some time now but never got around to buying it. I'm glad that they have decent skincare promotions. Quite often, beauty companies appeal the customer by saying that a particular set is valued at $128 but you can get it for $100. The actual full size item is $100, and all the other little knick knacks are worth $28?! Comon, seriously that's called cheating!

Now onto a different topic altogether... Lemmings! Now that Spring is officially over on the beauty calendars, all the promotional pictures of the Summer collections are trickling out. I must say I'm very impressed at the line up of releases that MAC intends to do in the next 2 months. Overwhelming is an understatement here.

But it's truly quite exciting to say the least. Here I am at work checking out pictures on my small iphone screen, and zooming and tapping just to see how beautiful the new products are like. I should be focusing on analysing data and numbers on Excel spreadsheets (how boring!).

So here's a list of my 'Lemmings'...

1. MAC to the beach Summer Collection
If it weren't for the packaging, the list may be shorter. But we'll see if my lemmings can really last that long. I believe this collection is released in March? I counted the number of things I wanted from this collection, and it's coming up to 11. That's totally tragic, Tracy. lol! I can't even complete a 10-pan project yet alone buy 11 items from a single collection. My bad.

2. MAC Give me Liberty of London
My eyes are set on the lipsticks, lipgloss and blush. Love the whole fabric prints.

3. Estee Lauder Michael Kors Collection
 I used to be a big fan of Estee Lauder cosmetics but their makeup line seems a little grandma now. But I see that they're trying to spice things up a little. I would love to get my hands on the Bungalow Pink lipstick. The rest I can probably pass. 

4. MAC's Lip Gelees from the Lillyland Collection (Picture source from Temptalia)
I'm resisting... But the glitters are calling me. They're all sold out at Tangs Orchard. We'll see what they have at the airport tonight.

5. Guerlain Le Brilliant Lipsticks
I have (and trying not to) fork out that much money for a single lipstick when I can buy one from MAC for $28. It's quite unreasonable for Guerlain to charge $70-ish for a lipstick! But I love some of their colors and their brand management at Guerlain did a smart move to send all their lippies to Temptalia for swatching.

6. MUFE HD Loose Powder
I promised myself not to buy loose powder this year but this lil fella claims to be camera friendly. So how? Claimed to be a beauty blogger's best friend too.

7. Paul & Joe Lipsticks and Lipgelees
P&J lipies are by far the most moisturising lipsticks I've encountered so far. It's true love.

8. Finally but not least, the MAC Spring Color Forecast Collection
I'm oogling over the lipsticks in Fresh Salmon, Rose Maiden and Laugh-a-lot, Lipglass in Hush Hush Rose. My list is getting shorter because I have more time to rationalise what I will be buying. Good thing the US folks gets these collections out faster than Asia, otherwise I'll be broke all the time.

At some point I have to stop thinking about makeup. It's getting obsessive compulsive now. I will do a post later on what makeup I bringing with me to Jakarta. Checking into Makeup Rehab is probably a good idea for me right now.

So what's on your lemmings list?


Claire Tan said...

The P&J promo is definitely a STEAL! :)

I think I need to check into Makeup Rehab too! LOL! My Taiwan haul has left me extremely broke, gonna be passing up on a whole load of new releases. =/

Have a safe trip back to J-Town! :D


Shilka said...

M.A.C. is definitely plotting to get us all broke. for a time It thought their collections became rather un-amusing, but now they seem to be back on track. All those colors @_@

電信 said...

He that travels far knows much. ....................................................

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