February 7, 2010

Hauls from Dior Spring 2010 Collection

When I first saw the promotional pictures of the Dior Spring Collection last December, I really wanted the quints. Then the lemming passed and I didn't even notice that it was released in Singapore in early January. So when I did swatch the Pearl Glow quint, I thought my purse was safe. I felt that it looked like Petal Shine, but I was wrong. There's alot more contrasting colours on this quint than Petal Shine. So I used the Metro sales as my opportunity to grab the Pearl Glow quint. 

I was shocked at the price. It's $91! My goodness, this stuff better be gold on my eyes. But then again it comes down to $18.20/shadow, so price has been justified (I think). 

Plus it's limited edition and I don't have a quint or eyeshadow palette as pretty as this.

It took me a while to consider it. After reading through some quick blogs and swatches, I finally broke down and bought it cos it looked too beautiful on pan. I'm a total sucker for packaging. 

I also noticed that the model was wearing the most gorgeous rose shade on her lips. So this was the lipstick colour in Rose Seduction. Too pretty. 

And after spending a good $130 bucks, I got this Clarins Natural Lip Perfector free through the 20% rebate vouchers. It smells of caramel and hopefully does some wonders to my chapped lips. I'm already halfway through my La Mer the Lip Balm. I love that stuff but I'm too broke to go through one container  every 2 months. :(

I was going to wait to do a post on this haul before I start messing up the pretty shadows. :) I will be doing a FOTD using these new yummy goodies. 

I'm trying to resist the new MAC Lillyland collection, especially the lipgelee in Resort Life and the cream blushes. It's hard to when everyone on the beauty community is raving about how beautiful the products are.  

Once the Spring Color Forecast collection is out, I'm going to go crrraaaazzzy!!! That collection is the bomb! I have my eyes on the lippies, blushes, eyeshadows. Serious lemmings going on at the moment. It's even appearing in my sleep; Salmon Pink, Ripe Peach, Rose Maiden floating around in the clouds. Good grief!

Just thought I'll share with you a funny little video to brighten your day...


Claire Tan said...

I adore CD's quints but the price tag can be a bit hard to accept. =/ After my Taiwan trip, I'm like uber broke. Gonna be passing up on some new collections. :(

Btw, I think Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour lip treatment stick is a really awesome lipbalm. Can give it a try nxt time. :)


Diane said...

Wow, I'd love a review on the Clarins Natural Lip Perfector :) Was thinking of getting either this or the Korres lip butter!!! :) The Dior palette looks gorgeous!!!

Vonvon said...

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for following my blog. Just followed yours.

I bought the same Dior Pearl Glow palette too. :) The lace imprints are very beautiful. And the color pay-off of the shadows are great.

Lipstick Rules said...

Lipstick looks so nice! I might have to check this out...tomorrow!!

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