February 5, 2010

Fragrance Review - Lancome Magnifique

I received Lancome Magnifique for my 24th birthday present, and it's lasted me so long that I probably have 1/4 left. I used to sell Lancome back in the good ol' days where I worked in retail pharmacy. So I'm quite familiar with their fragrances, i.e. Miracle, Hypnose, Tresor, etc... They don't come up with that many fragrances as much as they do with skincare. But I like their fragrances, however they're not exactly boutique. 

The bottle is truly very beautiful, and much better packaging than Miracle or Hypnose for that matter. Essentially you're paying 65% more for the packaging. So it's worthwhile keeping the bottles for your display collection. 

Scent-wise, it is floral but musky, with some spicy notes. It lasts a good number of hours but not the whole day. I have had some compliments from my boss at work. The scent is not exactly captivating but it's unique and much better than the range of Lancome fragrances I've used thus far. I would give this about 3 stars. 

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