February 20, 2010

EOTD Using DIOR Pearl Glow 059 Quint and my thoughts on it

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for my absence since Chinese New Year. I've been so busy with friends and family and stuffing myself silly with all the cakes/buns/sweets. And when I got back to Singapore, my priority was to shed off the pounds so I went to McRitchie to torture myself by running 5km! Don't laugh, it was really hell getting up early for that run! 

So the weekend is here and I now have the chance to blog about my new Dior acquisition from the Metro sale sometime back. I played around with this when I was in Jakarta so I finally decided honeymoon period was over and its time to actually use my lovely quint!

As you know, the lace motif is absolutely gorgeous but will disappear upon use. Lace is so 'in' this season, from F21 to Zara we see plenty of beautiful lace tops.  

I find that the exterior packaging of Dior quints to be quite boring. There's hardly any variety. But I suppose the product is alot more important than the packaging. The two sponge tip applicators are completely useless unless you travel and can't be bothered packing brushes. 
Pigmentation is relatively soft (much better than Chanel quads surprisingly). However, I find that there's not much colour variation when swatched. For example, there's not much colour contrast between the light beige, silver and pink colours. So that was somewhat disappointing. It would have been really nice if they included a silvery black colour which you can pack for a night out. I suppose the colours here are 'safe' and can be used for the weekend as you will see later in my EOTD.

Without further ado, lets begin...
After prepping the skin with my usual base makeup stuff...

I begin with P&J Eye Gloss in 04, a shimmery pink colour all over the lids to help intensify the colours from the quint. I find that using a MAC 242 brush to apply gives it more of a precise application. Fingers are just too messy. 

I use the pale beige colour on the inner corner of my eye...

Then the middle blue shade in the middle of my lid. This colour is simply gorgeous. Not too over the top blue and the shimmer gives my lid a beautiful glow.

I then deepened my crease colour with the purple shade, which goes really nicely with the blue colour. 

To smoothen out the harsh lines, I used the MAC blending brush with the pink shimmery shade around the crease and out. 

Used MAC Blitz and Glitz to line my eyes with a 209 brush. 

With my usual Shiseido mascara base and YSL faux cils, I did a single coat. 

The end result is a definitely beautiful. The lilac purple shade really looks amazing as a crease colour. Overall, I love this look. It's nice a refreshing, good for a day out on the weekend. I wouldn't mind wearing this to the office either. What do you think?

I developed a stupid massive pimple on the side of my cheek during my hols. I suppose my bod was telling me to stop eating so much junk. hehe! On my lips I have on Dior High Colour Rose Seduction (which I think is too pink for the EOTD). This lipstick will probably suit a more neutral eye IMO. 

The rest of the gear used for this look: Turkish Cream Blush (beautiful), MAC MSF in Perfect Topping as a highlighter, Shu Uemura Brow Gel.

Swatches of the various items used...

Hope you're having a great Saturday. Now I'm going to wash my face and pamper myself some of my masks. There's plenty of talk about the beauty diary masks but I've never gotten around to buying it. Is it good?


Jess said...

Lovely FOTD, Tracy!
I'm still debating, whether I should get my hands on this palette or not... :p

miss wiggle said...

So pretty on you!

Vonvon said...

You finally used it! I 'officiated' mine on the 1st day of CNY!

You did a very nice EOTD with it. I just swatched and reviewed the palette....didn't post up the EOTDs yet. Been using it almost everyday throughout CNY.

Agreed with you that the 3 lighter shades are not so discernible.

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