February 8, 2010

CNY Shopping; It's all about the red and the gold

It's fun to see everyone get geared up for Chinese New Year celebrations every year. All the yummy chocolate gold coins, biscuits, candy, mandarins all come out to tempt your poor little tummy. I love Chinese New Year because of all the little superstitions of your Chinese astrology. So this weekend marks the new Metal Tiger Year. For some it's a good year, and for some it's not. Everyone gets a fair share of good and bad years. For me (rat), it's average to bad. :(

And another thing I love about this whole festive season is that we get 2 days of public holidays! WooHoo! Normally, we only get 1 day for Christmas, and 1 day for NY. But here we get 2 + 2 days of the weekend = 4 days! I loves it!

But usually, we eat ALL the time. From breakfast, then tea at your aunt's place, then lunch at the uncle's place, then the second lunch at the cousins' place, then dinner at home, and supper with grandmas' friends. While you're chatting away, you also get yummy sweets like these below on the coffee table. 

And normally we buy heaps of these cookies/biscuits to give to friends and family. 

They're not too expensive either. It's the thought that counts!

And all the decorations come out too. I would always inevitably have one of those stuck to my main door. My dad is a HUGGGEEE fan of these little majingies... Yeah, the huge yellow pineapple looks like a tough one to get through my door. 

You also get the cute little Chinese christmas trees to hang all the red pockets. 

That's another thing about Chinese New Year. You get rich! Well, I'm getting a bit too old to receive red packets full of money. Once you get married, however, you will need to start giving your money away! >__< ("Ever heard of inflation?" 10 dollars back when I was a youngster i would be over the moon... well, 10 dollars to the kids nowadays is a joke). So yeah, am gonna be super broke when I get hitched.

Well, it's definitely a time to spend away with family and friends. And I'm really looking forward to spending time with family. 

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