February 1, 2010

My Thoughts on the Paul & Joe Highlight Powder & Pearl Powder Set

I bought on a whim after checking it out at a counter in Kuala Lumpur about 3 weeks back. At that time, I was so relieved that my meeting was over and I could finally go shopping. These sets were quickly sold out in Singapore, so I was glad to see them in Kuala Lumpur. I must say that all the SAs at Paul & Joe I've met thus far have great customer service. 

This retails for RM 202, equivalent to about SGD84. I believe this retails in Singapore at SGD89. I saved SGD5, simply because of the currency changes. The prices between the two countries are roughly the same, so it's not much point going to Johor to buy your makeup ;)

It comes in a beautiful silky pouch with the most gorgeous design.

And inside the pouch, you get two things:
1. the Highlighting Powder 002 (pink) - 10g
2. Pearl Powder 002 (brown) - 5g 
Packaging of the 2 limited edition items are gorgeous and has more a silver-tone compared to the light pink casing that P&J typically has. 

Inside you get a nice fluffy brush, which is of decent quality. These always come in handy when you travel. You can refill this case with your regular pressed powder in the future. Paul & Joe usually sells this case separately. 

The detailing on the pan is gorgeous but this is merely an overspray. 

The texture is amazingly soft and buttery! 

The colour is slightly pinky even without the pink overspray.

It's a bit hard to swatch cos it blends really well into fair skin ladies. You could probably use this all over the face because there's not too much shimmer (unlike the MAC MSFs).

The other item in this set is the Pearl Powder, which is marvelously soft and pretty. In my opinion, I prefer these over MAC pigments but the colour selection is rather limited. Also, P&J usually go for softer and more demure colours. There's about 5g which will last you a lifetime (I believe MAC pigments are 7g)

They're not as fluffy as MAC pigments.  

The quality of the powder is so beautiful, and picks up really easily. When swatched, it doesn't create much fallout even with the glitter. 

When swatched, the colour is alot more coppery than I thought. It's a lovely brown colour for everyday wear but not dark enough to create a smokey look. I would say that this is perfect to create a wash of colour on the lids and then using another darker shade to deepen the crease. 

I'm a huge fan of P&J line, and I'm also starting to get into their skincare too. Their quality and consistency of their products are superior. I'm really looking forward to their new Spring Collection and it'll be out next week at Isetan Scotts. 

Did you buy it? What are your thoughts?

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