January 30, 2010

Foundation Basics - NARS Sheer Glow, Color Match

I'm really enjoying the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (shade in Ceylon, I'm an NC25), especially being really lightweight, non-cakey, and ease of application. It may even replace my love for the P&J Protective Fluid Foundation. I've done a review of this foundation before, so this is more an update than anything else. To be honest, I had no idea what shade to select. I went with my gut feeling and placed ceylon in the shopping cart. Now I'm thinking whether I would have been more suitable with Punjab. I'll show you why...

Here I am in all bare-faced glory! Pimply faced and cross eyed! I have a slightly pink undertone, so yellow-based foundations suit me better. However, it does dull my skintone so I usually opt for a neutral shade, which is neither yellow nor pink. As you've probably have noticed now, my stupid left bracket keeps poking out my lips. But it's less obvious with the braces working to its full effects. 

After about a month of use, I really dislike the packaging. No pump, rubber cap that gets dirty, and cap that can't be screwed properly.
As you can see below, the colour of the foundation is more yellowish
Perhaps the colour doesn't match me so well... But it does apply beautifully.
It looks okay when applied... especially under direct sunlight.
But I definitely look more yellowish with less sunlight. 
The difference is only just slight. I do love the effects, it really gives my skin a big kick in radiance and complexion factor! :)
My favourite Laguna bronzer...
I didn't apply too much, 1 sweep on either side of my cheeks. Already you can see that my yellowish tone has gone to slightly orange under low sunlight. :(
I toned it down with a little bit of powder...
The verdict is that this foundation is still really nice but the colour may not match me perfectly. And this is the big disadvantage when relying too much on online swatches. I do believe that the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation has surpassed all my expectations in terms of coverage, ease, comfort. Packaging is absolutely atrocious (hate it). 

News on my braces: it's my 2 month mark and already I can see that my teeth has gone straighter. Eating is a real problem. I get food stuck all the time, especially when having burgers. But this is all part of the 'no pain no gain' wisdom. Hehe!
The mess that I made :) 

Update: 30mg of Roaccutane has severely dried out my lips. I've bought the La Mer Lip Balm, which is the HG (most expensive) lipbalm you can ever get to have baby-soft lips. But even then, my lips are still dry as hell. So I'll be visiting my dermatologist next week to see if I should cut down my dose. I've even stopped using lipsticks because of this, so I look forward to finally completing my 8-month course to then start using all my dearly missed lippies.

Ps: I'm using my new Panasonic Lumix DZ7 and it's as good as my old Nikon SLR. 


linni11 said...

Hi =) Is the shade Ceylan as yellow as MAC SFF in NC25? I used to be in NC25 too, just that it was a lil too yellow for me and recently I'm a tad fairer.

Tracy said...

Hi Linni11! Ceylan can be quite yellow but since it's sheer, u can blend the colors out. I find that the comparable colors to NC25 (I think I was comparing between Deauville, which is lighter and less yellow. For reference, they say that Ceylan is suitable for asian skin tones. So I went for ceylan instead.
I haven't used MAC SFF before so I can't compare...
I hope that helps!

linni11 said...

Thank you! This helps to narrow down my choices. I can't wait till I finally get my hands on it XD

Iman said...

dont know if you're still using the roaccutane or not, but i'm just gonna say anyway. =)

i used it before on a 10mg dose, and it was fine, it cleared up my skin. Probably took longer but i never had dry lips or anything.

I still keep some for just in case my skin decide to go on a frenzy, but so far (touch wood), its been fine except for the occasional monthly ones. =p

p.S: just came across ur blog when researching NARS sheer glow for MAC NC25

Tracy said...

Hi Iman, I've finished my course of Roaccutane. Thank goodness. It seemed to have gone on forever. There's 2 schools of thoughts on the Roaccutane therapy - one says it's better to go quick but aggressive using 40mg and another says go slow with a low dose of 10mg. I haven't had a pimple ever since I finished my course (early July 2010). Thanks for your comment!

raspcherry said...

Hey babes Im an nc25 and Im using the punjab which is not too bad
great post, I was colour matched in store by the SA hope this helps x

Sal B said...

try deauvile may be ok less yellow

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