December 12, 2009

Tuesday's Lunasol Haul

Hola! I'm back from Jakarta and this is my first ever business trip where I didn't feel like I overworked. Sometimes work is even more stressful when I'm back to homebase (Singapore). I often feel that it's better to be away from home just to avoid the pressure from work.

So this Tuesday I went to the Kanebo sales, and being all 'kiasu', I lined up at 10am SHARP! I met the lovely Christy from Beaute Runway. It's nice to recognise bloggers and it's fun to have some new friends.

You won't believe how much stuff I got... Yes, get a bucket ready, you're gonna be drooling a pool.

I vow that I will not buy any more lip products! In total, I bought 8 lip stuff... I know, it's sick.

There were only 2 eye palettes available, and this one was something that I didn't have already. =) Now I can labelled a Lunasol Hoe. I didn't care about all the other Kanebo brands. I was getset to only get Lunasol.

Japanese lippies are so precious... Colours in Shining Beige (17), Sheer Pink (09), Coral Red (10) and Shiny Coral (01)

I never bought Lunasol lipglosses at full price so this is a steal at $12 each. Colours in Lucent Red (EX06), Lucent Purple (EX05), and Lucent Pink (EX03). I believe they were part of the Spring 09 collection if I'm not wrong.

Some miscellaneous stuff; including a lip essence for $10 and eyeliner...

Serious haulage eh? How full is your bucket now?



Popcorn said...

Nice haul! Lunasol looks sooo pretty!

Jess said...

Oh wow, this is a gorgeous Lunasol haul! Love everything you got! <3

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