December 20, 2009

Some pictures of Guangzhou

Hola everyone! I got back from Guangzhou just last night. Unfortunately, the internet was pathetic at my hotel so I couldn't upload pictures. But here it is... GUANG ZHOU!

On entry, all foreigners and citizens are 'warned' of 'civilized behaviour'. It's funny to see a Communist country with the mots Capitalist economy in Asia.

The back of my immigration card...

Welcome to Earth (China). Don't act uncivilised because you'll be sent back to your mothership. Haha!

My lovely hotel room with an amazing bathroom too!

Hello there from the mirror =) Excuse my 'just-landed' frazzled look.

I went to Up-Down-Nine street, with heaps of shops selling cheap goods, including 'generic' brands. In China, branded items are more expensive than Singapore. But the fake goods are relatively cheap, depending how well you bargain. The rule of thumb is to bargain 30% of the stated price.

Lots of lights! Copying the Tokyo-ans. Getting chilly too, with lowest temperature at 6 degrees...

 I was dying to go to McDonalds/KFC. I ain't a big fan of Catonese food, especially 3-layer-fatty duck or pork. I lost weight during this trip and all my other colleagues gained weight. I had room service at 10pm almost every night.

My quick FOTD before heading to Orchard for some Christmas shopping. Went for a bronzed look...

Wish I could get a real tan instead, but unfortunately life sucks and I have to bear with office lights instead.

I will post my Christmas shopping in the next few days! Have a great week!


Jess said...

Tracy, I love your bronzed look! It's natural, but still a bit glamorous! Very pretty!
Oh, are you from Guangzhou by the way?

Hmm... how can you dislike roast duck? I love it, hehe... :p

Tracy said...

Jess, thanks :) Nope, I'm Indonesian-Australian.
So I'm considered an 'alien' to the chinese officials. hehe!
I found out that 'alien' is an actual official term. And here I thought their english needed some work!

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