December 8, 2009

Benefit Posietint + MAC Petticoat = Pretty!

Today's cheek combination got me really excited that I needed to come home early to take some pictures while the sun is still out. But dammit, I never reach home before 7pm. And sadly, I still have to work tonight... Who knew that this combination could be so pretty!

After foundation and concealer...

Benefit Posietint
This is the creamier and pinky version of Benetint (a popular favourite). Posietint has a better formulation, which makes it easier to apply without drying too quickly. It can look a little too sweet and barbie-like from the bottle but when applied on the cheek (3 drops on each side is all you really need), you get a lovely hue from within. The only gripe is the bottle, in which you need to apply like nailpolish. They could simplify the packaging by using a tube instead, especially with the hygiene factor.

A slight pinky flush to the cheek...

I wanted a bit more of a flushed but glowy look, so I used MAC's MSF in Petticoat.

And wow, I love the glowy look! :)

Braces update: MAN, my teeth hurt when I chew or bite. So I've been eating soap, drinking soya milk, and having congee. I really sympathize the elderly now... it's really tough to enjoy life when you're limited of food choices.

I'm flying to Jakarta tomorrow so I'll be MIA till Friday. Can you believe I have to go in to work on Sunday??!!! Jeez, and it's teambuilding. I don't give an ass about teambuilding... and I don't even get paid to rock up this Sunday. *grumble*

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Jess said...

Nice fotd! Very natural, yet you look so fresh and healthy!

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