December 5, 2009

Belated Jill Stuart Haul

I promised that I will show you my new Jill Stuart acquisitions from Hong Kong. I've never known this brand a year ago before I joined the blogging world. Ever since, it has been a dangerous collectible hobby. MAC packaging is nowhere as exquisite as Jill Stuart, and it's no wonder the price tag is equally steep.

Jill Stuart blushes comes with a cute portable brush which is surprisingly good quality. It picks up the JS colour alot more than your typical professional brushes too.

Mix Blush Compact - 06 Fresh Apricot Blusher
This a warm sheer blush, which can be intensified by mixing the orange with the pink/reds. Beautiful.

Mix Blush Compact - 10 Sweet Biscuit
This blusher looks quite similar to the one above, but it's more reddish brown which gives your cheeks a flushed-winter look

Comparing the two side by side. Sweet Biscuit to the left, Fresh Apricot to the right.

Jelly Eye Color N - 09 Midnight Shine
This was part of the Summer 09 collection (I believe?). I have one in the neutral colour and became a fan of these Jelly Eye Colours.

Brilliance Eyes - 07 Jewel Violet 
Initially I was hesitant with this palette but when I swatched these colours, I knew I had to get it.

Will do a look on this one soon!

Illuminance Eyes - 08 Dazzling Moon
This would be the highlight of my JS haul, being sold out everywhere in HK. JS stores opened in HK in July this year. I wish they could open a few stores in Singapore as well.

I was debating between Lunasol Dazzling Night and JS Dazzling Moon. Hmm... Dazzling... I chose this over Lunasol and no regrets thus far.

I hope you enjoyed my belated haul. I must apologise for it being so late because I had so much work, my whole family and bf is getting concerned. I left Singapore to Mumbai on Monday night, having been informed that I had to go to KL on Friday morning. Wednesday I flew to Delhi, spent about a night there, flew back, touched down Changi at 7:35 and out again at 8:35. I only managed to reach home at 20:00. i was really tired on the way home but after watching youtube and all your blogs, I felt so much better. Today, I'm going to get my braces :)

I met a Paraolympics champion from Malaysia yesterday and also a pioneer of blind massages in KL. He plays the shotput and is completely blind. He shared his experiences, his self doubt and told me that people don't realise how blessed they are. They think of unimportant things, such as wanting to live in a bigger house or wanting to be more successful than someone else. Instead, we don't enjoy the more beautiful things in life. After weeks of stress and self-doubt at work, I felt that I should try to accept imperfection. Know that it doesn't matter if you did make mistakes because the only person that matters is yourself.

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