December 25, 2009

Base Makeup Review - NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Ceylan Light6

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you're spending quality time either with family, friends and close ones.

I wanted to show you how amazing the new NARS Sheer Glow Foundation is! I got it in the shade Ceylan and I was taking a huge risk when ordering this online. When it finally arrived, I tried it on and it was the perfect shade for my NC25 skin tone.

The packaging really needs improvement. It has no pump, comes in a glass bottle and the lid doesn't close properly either.

Texture of the foundation is runny. It's hard to scoop the product out with a sponge tip, so I poured it out instead and I overdid it! Whoops! However, it applies really nicely with my MAC 187 stippling brush.

Now here is what the foundation claims to do:
1. Blurs imperfections - check!
2. Sheer and weightless - check!
3. Brightening and illuminating - check!
4. Can be layered - check!
5. Offers immediate hydration - check!
6. Improves skin texture over time - we'll see...

Has this foundation really become my holy grail? We'll soon find out...

My face without makeup... yuck!

After applying P&J Moisturising Primer...

After 1 layer of the foundation. As you can see, it has given a illuminating effect and evened out my redness on the cheek very well. It feels amazing too and my skin feels like it's breathing. Plus, it doesn't accentuate my dry spots, so it does a good job in hydration.

Some NARS Laguna bronzer to add more colour...

And Gransenbon blush in 02 (a light pink hint to the cheeks)

Used MAC spiritualise pigment (1-yr anniversary of my pigment and the start of my obsession of MAC cosmetics)

I'm so in love with this foundation. I feel like I should buy another one just in case something happens to my current one.

The rest of the gear I used today...

Merry christmas and hope you're enjoying the celebrations wherever you are =)


p chan said...

Merry christmas!! MAC spiritualise pigment looks gorgeous on you! Any idea where NARS is available in SG???

Anonymous said...

Hello Tracy, Happy New Year. Just found your blog. Where did you get your Nars colors from in SG?

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