December 24, 2009

Base Makeup Review - Maquillage Lasting Liquid UV Foundation

If you may probably recall, I was a fan of the Maquillage Lasting Liquid UV Foundation and mentioned this in my August favourites. So today I'm doing a step-by-step product review of my thoughts now (4 months down the road).

For your information, I am a MAC NC25

Here I am i with no makeup on....

I decided to use the P&J Moisturising Primer, since my skin is now getting pretty dry. Ever since I started on Roaccutane, I've started to see a huge improvement in my skin. I used to have excessively oily skin, so foundation tends to slip off in just 2 hrs! Now I'm so dry, and it's nice to touch my face and still feel my powder intact after 5 hrs in the day!

This primer gives a nice radiant glow....

The bottle comes with a hygienic pump in a 30g vacuum sealed plastic container. However, you can never see how much you have left and it really bugs me (especially being the makeup junkie, that I am).
Not the most prettiest packaging though.
Packaging Rating

The Maquillage foundation tends to be quite thick and creamy, with a consistency like a BB cream. It's not as runny as the P&J Protective Fluid Foundation, and therefore harder to apply. For this, I tend to skip using my MAC 187 stippling brush, knowing that it's going to stain the bristles. Instead, I use my fingers to apply (which isn't particularly the most effective, but for this case, it is). FYI, my shade is # 10, which is the 2nd most fairest shade.

To the left side of my cheek, I have applied the foundation. The right I have nothing on. It does even out the complexion very well with it's medium to heavy coverage. You hardly need concealer after applying this.

With both sides on...

As you can probably see, my complexion is now completely even. But I do find the shades quite yellow.  At the same time, I feel that the finish isn't exactly dewy or glowy. There are no moisturising properties with this foundation, so dry skin ladies beware!

With my IPSA Poreless loose powder... Ooo, ghost town. Haha!

And a touche of colour... with my favourite Bobbi Brown Bronzing Brush and Nars Laguna Bronzer

The finished look!

My thoughts? Honestly, I was a big fan a few months back. But my skin has changed so much, that using this foundation has accentuated my dry skin even more. Especially around the lip area, where I tend to suffer the most dryness.

Otherwise, I would say it's good for ladies who need to have longer coverage due to oily skin. It claims to last 8 hrs... And I agree when I used to have oily skin. Good staying power, and gives oily skin a matte finish.

My Overall Ratings

I hope this review was helpful. Gotta rush off to work now! Ciao!

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