November 30, 2009

Update; failed my project 10-pan

now blogging on my iPhone at the dentist waiting room. Going to clean my teeth before I install the brackets/braces this Saturday. I've already found eating quite difficult with two bands on my molars. Lost 2 kg within a week. Dentist suggested that I don't eat/drink sugary stuff especially on braces. So my diet plan is going to be terrorizing! Hypoglycaemia + demanding work schedule = grumpy Tracy.

Project 10-pan; I'm a hopeless spendaholic. Only last night I went online to order more cosmetics. I call it stress; I haven't had a chance to enjoy my 3-day weekend. I drove 8 hrs on Friday to finally reach kl and then another 4 hrs back to Singapore. Furthermore, every night was torture on the laptop to get things done before my trip to Mumbai tonight. So yes, I felt I deserve a haul or two... Yes, haha... I'm cheating within self-justified reason!

I owe you girls some haul posts. I promise, I haven't forgotten or ignored it. Stay tuned and hope your week starts positive!

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