November 7, 2009

'Spring Cleaning' attempt #1 - Blog Sale

Here's my first attempt to 'spring-clean' and introduce new makeup for 2010. I'm tempted to do this the quickest and easiest way, since I don't have alot of spare time. I'm planning to let go of this whole stash for SGD150 (exc postage/shipping). You can do the maths at Yahoo Finance here. I will post an email addy below if you're interested.

I believe in full honesty and I will confess that all this makeup is less than 1 year old - excluding the Estee Lauder blush which is probably 2 years old. I will never sell or giveaway expired products, that is just against my principle.

So this is open to international buyers, so if you would like to know how much postage and shipping is, let me know because it varies country to country. Email me at

Go ahead to click on this link here @ and happy shopping :)

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