November 18, 2009

NARS Cosmetics Sale is here!!!

I was having my coffee in the morning, reading Temptalia on my iphone and when I saw the NARS discount coupon, I accidentally spilled coffee all over my white pants. Yes, I was really that excited. (Now I've got to think about how to remove the coffee stains...)

"Save 22% off your purchase of $60 or more..."

Enter code: 0011290CP

So what are you getting from NARS? Here's my shopping list:


After reading too many reviews on the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, I thought I might give this one a go. As you've probably read in my last post, I've gone half a shade darker. I'm neither here nor there. Frustrating as it is, I've resorted to tinted moisturiser instead. Nevertheless, the MAC SA matched me to Studio Fix NC25-NC30. NC30 is slightly too dark. Since NARS decided to give Singapore a diss, I had no other way to match my shade but to go on MUA. Eventually I was debating between Ceylan and Deauville.

Karla's blogspot was incredibly helpful...

I just went with Ceylan and I'm hoping for the best.


I already own a number of these blushes and they still remain dear to me. Their powder blushes and bronzers can't be missed. So today, I placed Gilda and Deepthroat into my happy shopping basket. :)

So ladies/girls, don't miss out. Just a tip: If you hold a Citibank card, use your US mailing address as your billing address and you should have no problems in processing.

Have fun shopping!

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