November 5, 2009

Hauling 3 of 3 - Lunnnaaassssooooollllllll

Sorry girls for this very very late post. This is the last part of my haul which I got from Takashimaya last month. I saved the best for the last... and I have a good reason for the delay. I was waiting for all the stocks to come in! I know, it was hard wait. My heart was aching for the stocks to come in already.

And when the stocks did come in, I wasn't rushing to get it either. They had none of the testers out so I was speculating between Dazzling night 03 and Star River 04... I eventually succumbed to the lavender palette, just because it was softer and easier to blend.

So here it is... Star River 04 in all it's glory!!!!!!!!! I can just stare and stare into this palette... like someone on LSD (not that I really know the trippin' feeling, since I'm not into those nasty stuff).

Sometime back, I got myself the Sheer Contrast in blue coral which I can't bring myself to use either cos I'm too scared of the bright blue in the midst of client meetings. So I exchanged it and holy moly, the sales girl was viscous! Her name begins with an 'S'... avoid her at all costs. Younger girl who works at Takashimaya... Just FYI.

Lighting sucks by the way. But truly, this palette is another winner for me. This one here is Start of Night 01. If I didn't have a boyfriend, I will marry this one for sure.

Two palettes weren't enough to satisfy my lemmings. "Seriously, Tracy... we need to put you in eyeshadow rehab, you're sick". Yes, well... what do you do when you see something you like and it's limited edition? Go get it, don't think about it, and regret it later when you get the credit card bill.

Summer White Gradation EX02 basking in summer store lights. It was screaming out to me as well... "get me, get me..." Who could resist the makeup-devil right?

Now I have a total of 7 Lunasol palettes. Enough to last me for a whole lifetime.

For the rest of my haul... I bought the Water Cream Foundation, especially after reading everyone's beauty posts. And... this little darling

My first Lunasol lipstick.

I should seriously consider a makeup ban from now on. But I can't... I have too many things to buy in Hong Kong! I can't wait :) Me and my boyfriends are going to have a jolly good time in HK. Yes, boyfriends (plural). hahaha!

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JennXOXO said...

:gasp: those palettes are gorgeous! Lovely haul :D

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